Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

If you’re living in a rural area or a difficult to access location, it’s very likely that you are not connected to a central sewer line and that your power supply is restricted. For your household wastewater, a concrete septic tank by ECO-SEPTIC is the best choice.

ECO-SEPTIC, with its more than 30 years in the wastewater industry, specialises in developing septic solutions for all types of properties. We design, manufacture, and supply concrete septic tanks of different sizes, from 2,800 up to 10,000 litre capacity. 

If you have a large family, you can opt for one of the larger sizes. Our tanks are designed for underground installation and are made of concrete.

When planning to install a concrete septic tank for your home or business, firstly we will review the location, land type and size, the surrounding environment and how far or near is the property to the waterways. We will design a solution for you that is of high quality, low impact and with all the mandatory council permits. This means that we will deal with all the necessary permit applications and council inspections for you.

ECO-SEPTIC can also supply you with concrete septic tanks for sale if you have already made the preparations for its installation. We have designed these tanks well; so, we can offer you the best and most durable of all tanks being offered. The life of your tank depends on how well it has been constructed and maintained.

How much does A Septic Tank Cost?

In Australia, concrete septic tank prices can vary, depending on the number of people in a home and the location of the property. The average septic tank cost for a 4-bedroom house, with 10 people can range in its cost, with de-sludging required every three – five years. Call us to discuss your requirements we can then provide you a budget estimate based on your needs and details.

This cost is impacted by several factors as follows:

–  The job you want done (installing a new concrete septic tank, or replacing the old tank)

–  The size of the tank that you need or want

–  The type of tank (conventional, aerobic treatment unit, recirculating sand filter system or drip distribution system)

–  Location of tank (above or underground)

How does a Septic System Work?

  1. All used water from the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and toilet/s are collected from one single drainage pipe to the septic tank.
  2. The tank will hold the wastewater, giving the solids enough time to sink to the bottom and form a sludge and the oils and grease to come to the higher portion, to form a scum. This sludge and scum will not leave the tank and travel to the drain field because of the tank compartment and a T-shaped outlet.
  3. The liquid grit then exits the tank into the drain field, which is a low covered excavation. Here, wastewater can filter through the soil, ultimately getting discharged to the ground water.


  1. When the wastewater percolates into the soil, viruses, nutrients, and harmful coliform bacteria are removed. The coliform bacteria inhabit the intestine of warm-blooded animals and humans and could become the source of certain infections in them.
septic tank installation
Sewage treatment tank in the ground with dirt surrounding it on a work site

Note: If the drain field gets overloaded with liquid waste, it can flood, and sewage will flow to the ground surface. It can also create blocks in your sinks and toilets.

ECO-SEPTIC tanks are well designed, to withstand the ground movement and not crack and cause the ground water to get polluted. However, as in other systems, your concrete septic tank needs to be maintained. They must be kept in good working condition; to prevent them from malfunctioning. The following are the signs of your concrete septic tank failing to work normally or satisfactorily:

–  foul odour around the septic tank and drain field

–  wastewater backing out into your drains

–  pooling water or muddy soil around your concrete septic tank or in your basement

–  spongy, bright green grass on the drain-field, mostly during dry weather.

You would not want to experience any of these signs and maintaining the septic tank will help prevent these failure symptoms from happening.

Benefits of Septic Tank Maintenance

Saves you money – cost effective maintenance plans which are cheaper than repairing or replacing a system that fails to work normally.

*  Protects the value of your property – A system that works well can keep your property’s value. It can also help you avoid a costly legal liability.

*  Protects the environment – A system that is poorly maintained and starts malfunctioning releases viruses, bacteria and chemicals that are toxic into local waterways; thereby harming the local ecosystems. Maintaining your septic system protects the native plants, fish, and shellfish.

*  Keeps you and everyone in your community healthy – A properly maintained and working septic system prevents ground water contamination that can cause humans and animals harm. 

The concrete septic tank lid or cover must be secured and not too easy to open, especially by children to prevent a serious accident, we keep your families safety in mind and make sure that nothing is left loose or insecure

When it’s time to clean and pump out your tank, you might find it difficult to find the tank cover due to landscaping, leaves and trees and sometimes overshadowing buildings ,as the lid is buried in the ground. 

The addition of a concrete septic tank riser to your system, will spare you from digging up your lawn, each time the tank needs to be cleaned. The riser is a concrete pipe that gives you access to the tank cover when you need to access, service or maintain your tank system.

Whether you need a newly installed concrete septic tank on your property, or you want to upgrade your existing wastewater treatment system, please feel free to get in touch with ECO-SEPTIC. We can also provide a contract for maintenance services for the septic tank you have. 

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Septic tank

Septic Tanks

The Econocycle Twin Tank system is a slightly larger system than the Eco Executive and Econo Pro range.
It has increased septic and aeration capacities. This allows for better septic digestion and increase time in the aeration zone. Built in two concrete tanks it is ideal for in ground installation.
The Twin Tank system is the original Econocycle model and has proven its reliability and high performance with 30 plus years of production.
Our Tanks : 2800L, 3150L, 3600L, 4500L, 5500L, 7000L

Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance

All maintenance should be carried out by specialists. It is regularly cleaned to remove build-ups and to clear the tank. Likewise, the septic system is regularly checked for leaks and clogs. It’s easy to tell when your tank may need a check-up (each unit is fitted with an alarm) so get in contact and we’ll be there fast to solve any issues. Find out more about our specific services here

10K collection well

Collection Wells

Eco-Septic's Collection wells are used to hold waste matter that has been collected in your onsite septic tank and has been treated. The use of a collection well is to store the waste that cannot be transported and disposed of in the absorption fields. The effluent that overflows from your septic tank is stored safely in your collection well and can be later disposed of when your ready at a later date. Our Wells: 3250L, 3750L, 4500L, 5500L, 7000L, 7000L (flatside), 7300L, 7300L (flatside), 8000L, 9000L, 10000L

Septic Tanks and Collectionwell – Drawings