Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

When you choose and Econocycle system  we take every precaution to maintain and provide a start of the art septic system that uses Worldwide technology combined with Local customer service .

As you are aware AWTS Septic units have to be serviced including replenishment of disinfecting agent.

Our aim is to provide you with the same quality service to match the Econocycle system…………simply perfect.

We service the following brands:

  • Econocycle
  • UltraClear
  • Biosetptic
  • Biocycle
  • Garden Master
  • Taylex
  • Envirocycle


  •  Four (4) services
  •  Chlorine

During scheduled services, Econocycle will perform (where appropriate) the following:​

  •  Ensure operation
  •  Renew supply of disinfecting agent
  • Test water quality
  •  Inspect irrigation system
  •  Adjust air supply and sludge return controls
  • Monitor sludge levels
  • Monitor and record complete operation of plant
  • Supply written report to owner and local authorities
water quality

Resupplying Your Disinfecting Agent

Disinfectant needs to be changed regularly, though this is usually carried-out alongside routine clean-ups. Professionals handle the disinfectant and keep your tank running smoothly. 

There are some concerns about the longevity of tanks when paired with septic additives, but disinfectants are specially designed to maintain your tank and keep it as fresh as possible.

Testing Water Quality

This is an important service to make sure your drinking water remains clean and pure at all times. Septic tanks and home sewage systems should be checked regularly. 

Of course, your septic system is not there to provide drinking water, though cross-contamination is possible with continued use. This happens commonly when a property has a water well on site, which many rural homes in Australia do.

septic tank installation
Septic Tanks

Resupplying Your Disinfecting Agent

There are many reasons why checking the irrigation system on your septic tank is important. First and foremost is the health of your family and maintaining a high level of sanitation.

Secondly, the irrigation system is what helps keep your property environmentally safe and sound. Leaks in the irrigation system can damage the surrounding area. 

Thirdly, your irrigation system has to either be sub surface or low height, large water droplets with no misting and away from the house, paths, pools, dams, waterways etc. If you are unsure give the team at Ecoseptic a call at the office on 1800 808 135

Monitoring Sludge Levels

Sludge is the solid build-up of wastewater inside your septic tank. This needs to be regularly cleaned by an expert to make sure the tank is working at an optimal level. When this is being sorted by one of our Econocyle technicians, air levels and sludge control levels are also


Monitoring The Home Sewage Plant

Lastly, a technician keeps notes on your plant as the years go by. The complete operation is written down and stored for future reference and to monitor the performance of your septic tank.

This analysis is passed on to local authorities for their records and given to you. Econocylce is always open with their operation notes so you know your plant is working as it should.

Your system is fitted with an alarm to alert you in the event of any problems.

Call out for breakdown or flooded units (warranty excluded)

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any issues or questions you may have with the units operation.
Econocycle Service Department