What To Consider When Looking At A Small Septic Tank For One Toilet

Whether you’re looking to downsize your property or add a minimalist extension, a small septic tank for one toilet might be all you need to improve your use of running water and toilets at home. There are lots of things to consider before investing in a small septic tank for one toilet, and this article is going to help you make the best choice for your property.

What is the tank made from?

If you live in a smaller house, or you are building an extension, you probably won’t have much space to work with. A good way to stay economical with the size is to consider the material that your septic tank will be made from. Instead of opting for a bulky, concrete septic tank, you might want to look at a lightweight septic tank that is suitable for one toilet.

Polyurethane is an excellent material for smaller septic tanks because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to transport and install. It is an excellent material for repelling roots, which lowers the risk of problems developing with your septic tank over time.

Another option is to choose a plastic septic tank. These are lightweight, perfect for smaller properties and much cheaper than other materials used for septic tanks. Plastic septic tanks for one toilet normally feature a ribbed design that increases durability and prevents bad smells from getting out.

What tank capacity do you need?

A small septic tank for one toilet won’t be able to handle large volumes of effluent, so you should consider your capacity needs before investing in one. A small septic tank will hold around 700 to 900 gallons, which should be enough for a small home with two rooms or less. Find out what capacity you will need, otherwise, you won’t be able to properly flush and remove waste from your home.

Where will the septic tank go?

Your septic tank location is going to be an important consideration, especially if you are confined to a smaller space. Septic tanks ideally should be installed far away from the property itself, as heavy rain and groundwater can affect the tanks. It is advisable to use a professional to help with running lines from your plumbing to the tank.

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