Econocycle Pumpwells 

Econocycle Pumpwells by Ecoseptic are a housing unit for Black and Grey water pumps, designed to pump wastewater in domestic, commercial and industrial systems where the flow in the pipe is required to be pumped to a higher location.

  • 500L and 1000L Capacity (Minimum requirement for NSW)

  • Approved to requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS1546.1

  • Tough UV stabilised rotationally moulded polyethylene vessel

  • Proven Injection UV stabilised moulded lid (Econocycle Septic Tank)

  • Size 1266 mm high x 1250mm diameter

  • Easy 100mm PVC Sewer pipe connection via Pipe seal Gasket

  • Variable inlet height to suit fall or volume required (between 450L and 600L). Simply drill to desired height in marked positions

  • Flanged based designed for hold-down by backfill

  • Unique tie down locations on underside of base suit attachment with reo bar set in concrete base for higher water table areas

  • Specially shaped base designed for – maximum strength – maximum pump out Ecoseptic

Econo Pumpwell Series

The Econo 1000 is a 1000 ltr pumpwell designed to be used with Stormwater, greywater or sewerage. The Econo 1000 is a heavy duty underground tank and can be ordered with or without your specified pump. We have a range of risers for the tank from 100mm to 300mm to suit the invert of your drains.


The Econo 500 is a heavy duty pumpwell designed to be used with stormwater, greywater or sewerage. The Econo 500 comes with a choice of light or heavy duty lid and has adjustable inlet and outlet positions so in most situations there is no need for risers. The inlet and outlet are fitted to suit your pipe depths. The Econo 500 can be ordered with or without you specified pump.

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