Pump wells 

What Is a Pump well?

A pump well is a unit that encases a black and grey wastewater pump. It is engineered to pump all types of wastewater; whether domestic, commercial, or industrial, where it is required to pump the flow of the water in the pipes to a higher location.

After water has been used in a home or a commercial property, it is collected and needs to be carried to the wastewater treatment plant for processing before it is returned to the environment.

The flow of wastewater increases, as it nears the treatment plant. When the flow slows down or it becomes impossible for the water to make it to the system, the pumps provide assistance in pushing the water to the wastewater treatment plant and through to the process of treating the liquid waste. 

 Pump wells 

ECO-SEPTIC Pump wells by Ecoseptic are made of the highest quality materials and are engineered and manufactured in Australia. Our pump wells are supplied to Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania 

  • 500L and 1000L Capacity (Minimum requirement for NSW)

  • Approved to requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS1546.1

  • Tough UV stabilised rotationally moulded polyethylene vessel

  • Proven Injection UV stabilised moulded lid (Econocycle Septic Tank)

  • Size 1266 mm high x 1250mm diameter

  • Easy 100mm PVC Sewer pipe connection via Pipe seal Gasket

  • Variable inlet height to suit fall or volume required (between 450L and 600L). Simply drill to desired height in marked positions

  • Flanged based designed for hold-down by backfill

  • Unique tie down locations on underside of base suit attachment with reo bar set in concrete base for higher water table areas

  • Specially shaped base designed for – maximum strength – maximum pump out Ecoseptic

Econo Pump well Series


The Econo 1000 is a 1000 ltr pump well designed to be used with Stormwater, greywater or sewerage. The Econo 1000 is a heavy duty underground tank and can be ordered with or without your specified pump. We have a range of risers for the tank from 100mm to 300mm to suit the invert of your drains.


The Econo 500 is a heavy duty pump well designed to be used with stormwater, greywater or sewerage. The Econo 500 comes with a choice of light or heavy duty lid and has adjustable inlet and outlet positions so in most situations there is no need for risers. The inlet and outlet are fitted to suit your pipe depths. The Econo 500 can be ordered with or without you specified pump.

What are the Pump wells Offered by ECO-SEPTIC?

ECO-SEPTIC offers the 500 and the 1000 litre capacity pump wells, which are the minimum requirements for the supplied to Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania areas.

Econo500 is designed to work with treatments of sewerage, grey water or storm water. It comes with either a light or heavy-duty lid. Generally, you may not need a riser for this pump well because the inlet and outlet positions can be adjusted as required, by the situation and they are fitted to suit the depth of your pipes. You can purchase the Econo500, even without your specified pump.

Econo1000 is designed the same way, as the Econo500. It is engineered to work with sewerage, grey water or storm water. The difference lies in the capacity and you may need a riser for this model. In fact, we have a range of risers from size 10 mm to 300 mm, to match the invert of your pipes that carry off the liquid waste.

Our pump wells are engineered to handle the wastewater flow on a day to day basis, as well as the surface runoff and the storm water. These are commonly used in most wastewater networks. To help you make a choice of the what pump well you need, we consider the normal fluctuations from the sewage system and the maximum inflow during a storm.

Wastewater is not easy to transport and manage, when there is too much organic solids, rags and other matter and it can really become a challenge for wastewater pumps. Pumping must be reliable, safe, and pumps need to be well maintained, overflows and spills can do heavy damage to the environment. Therefore,  leave it to us we will make sure your systems are always working when you need them.

Why get your Pump well from us?

ECO-SEPTIC is a major provider of sewage treatment technologies throughout Australia. We have highly qualified and skilled engineers, who use world-class technologies, to deliver quality and reliable wastewater treatment systems, including pump wells.

We design and supply residential and commercial wastewater treatment plants and you can choose from a wide variety of options that will suit your needs. We supply AWTS or Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems and Residential Grey Water Treatment Systems. We also have Septic Tanks and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems. Our Rainwater Tanks are also a great source of storing good quality water for the drier months, when water becomes scarce. 

Irrespective of where you live, we assure you that you can always find a wastewater solution, among our products.

The benefits that you get from our wastewater treatment products are unmatched in terms of cost and operating advantages. Domestic projects, as well as commercial and industrial developments, all receive an advantage from our wastewater treatment systems and our 10 Year tank warranties.

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What Is the purpose of Pump wells?

Pump wells need to be Maintained

As mentioned above, the purpose of installing pump wells are for easy and smooth flow of liquid waste to higher elevations.

It handles the wastewater; being fed to gravity pipelines and stored in underground pits or wet wells, which can detect the level of liquid waste. When the wastewater reaches the predetermined level; the pump starts to operate, by lifting the wastewater upwards and the wastewater is discharged through the treatment plant.

You can choose a pump well that suits your specific needs and this equipment can handle all types of wastewater – from effluent to drainage and sewage; be it from domestic, commercial or the industries.

These pump wells are cost efficient and environmentally friendly. They are highly reliable products, as approved by the Australian Standards.

pumpwell drawings

As in sewage treatment plants and other devices, pump wells need to be maintained as well. You can’t install any sort of plant on your property and ignore it, maintenance is very much a part of any machinery. This is to ensure that it works to its optimum capacity. Maintaining it will also mean that it will last for a longer period, which in turn gives more value to the product. 

The working condition of your pump well can greatly affect the life expectancy of your pumping system. Organic pollutants such as rust, dirt and all matters that settle at the bottom of a liquid can force your pump to work under pressure. Even the scattered pieces of waste or remains can result in wear and tear on the operating parts of the pump.

Another reason for maintaining the pump wells is that; this is in accordance with the WH & S (Work Health and Safety) regulations.

ECO-SEPTIC has efficient service people and agents throughout supplied to Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, and they can carry out the repair, service, and maintenance of any type of pumping systems available in Australia, in any capacity and application. We are also one of the most economical and eco-friendly companies located in Warragamba in New South Wales.

Call us if you need help in maintaining your pump wells. In case of an emergency pump well breakdown, we provide 24/7 on call immediate service. Remember, whatever the brand of pump well on your property, we will find a solution that works for you.