Domestic and Commercial Waste Water Systems and Rain Water tanks

Ecoseptic Group of Companies specialise in the manufacture and supply of reliable and environmentally friendly waste water systems.  We can supply septic tanks, sewage treatment and grey water systems.

We provide quality service for the control of commercial and household wastewater.

We also supply Raincycle Water Tanks that are not only effective but economical as well. 

Local Service using World Wide Technology – Econocycle Products available 


Ecoseptic – Residential and Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Many of our customers are looking for domestic treatment tanks for their homes in rural areas. We have a range of options to suit your needs and can always find a solution, no matter how remote or inaccessible your property may be. For industrial applications, we offer a range of commercial wastewater solutions including aerobic septic systems and greywater treatment systems individually designed for every client from small businesses to large development projects.

Domestic and Commercial Waste Water Systems and Rain Water tanks

Ecoseptic Group of Companies specialise in the manufacture and supply of quality, reliable and safe equipment for the control of household wastewater. We also supply Rain Water Tanks that are not only effective but economical as well.


World Wide Technology

At Ecoseptic we are committed to producing technologically advanced eco friendly waste water solutions. Our research and development (R&D) team strives to make the whole wastewater treatment process more sustainable and economically viable.

After 30 years in the plumbing and wastewater industry, we decided to specialise in wastewater treatment services and set up Econocycle in 1988.

Raincycle was also established in 2003 to form what is now the Ecospetic Group of Companies. Our wealth of experience and knowledge about the industry is hard to beat and we understand our products and our customers’ needs better than anyone.

East Coast Manufacturing

Our headquarters is based in at our water treatment manufacturing facility in Warragamba, West of Sydney and we aim to service most areas of the East Coast. It is our credibility and experience in the industry that makes us the first choice for an extensive list of builders, plumbers and developers, all of whom know they can rely on superior performance from our high-quality products.

Ecoseptic design and manufacture wastewater treatment solutions. Our eco wastewater treatment system provides peace of mind and many years of hassle free operation.

With more than 30 years of experience in the wastewater industry, our team at Ecoseptic prides itself on the reliability and value for money of our products. It is this same experience that ensures that your dealings with Ecoseptic will exceed all expectations.


Our Companies

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The Econocycle Wastewater Treatment System is as its name implies, an economical and efficient way of recycling your household wastewater. The high-performance Econocycle system is constantly monitored and improved as new technologies are developed or become available, so you can be assured of the most up to date wastewater treatment system. After all, your family’s health is involved.



The Ecoseptic group of companies specialise in providing safe , relaible and affordable solutions for Domestic and commercial use. Whether you need a full waste waste water management system or rainwater tank we can help. We can assist you maximise your water collection efforts to prolong mother natures efforts by reducing excess water usage.


Rain Cycle

Rainwater tanks in Australia have become a mandatory and popular addition to the family home. The ever-increasing water restrictions now imposed by local and state governments, including the rainwater tank rebates has seen an influx in rainwater tanks. Rainwater tanks are now being installed not only in Sydney and New South Wales, but Victoria , Queensland and Tasmania. Therefore, now that development rules have changed, all new homes Built and some renovations now require a rainwater tank included in the development plans.


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Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations. Consequently, the group of companies are totally committed to implementing and maintaining a sound quality management system. No matter how big or small the project.

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Our highly skilled professional team have speed and technical efficiency when it comes to solving your issues. We focus our resources, both technical and skill, towards the prevention of quality deficiencies to satisfy our Number One key objective which is, ‘Right first time… every time!”

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Experience & Knowlege

Ecoseptic is a family owned and operated business formed backed in 1988 and with over a quarter century of experience in the plumbing and wastewater industry. So, Ecoseptic has an unmatched wealth of experience in the wastewater management and sewage treatment field.

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