Warranties and Certifications

Econocycle Products 

We certify that each and every Econocycle water system is manufactured to strict guidelines and uses. Our waste water systems have only quality inclusions to ensure our products are safe, reliable, effective and environmentally eco friendly.

Wastewater Treatment System
Domestic Installations
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Wastewater Treatment System
Tanks 15 years from date of purchase Pump, Electrics, Internals, Pipework and Fittings – 2 years from date of purchase


Econocycle products are produced and manufactured by ECOSEPTIC PTY LTD). ECO-SEPTIC PTY LTD warrants their Econocycle tanks for a period of 15 years products (Pump, Electrics, Internals, Pipework and Fittings) against imperfections in materials and workmanship for a time of 2 years from the date of the first retail purchase (warranty period). Warranty work will be done as per the accompanying terms and conditions. This warranty benefits the original purchaser of the products.

Any replacement or repaired parts or system replacements shall be covered under the original warranty. An extension of the warranty period by full days or weeks shall be granted for said days or weeks in the event of delays due to company (Eco-Septic).

Econocycle Products covered by our Warranty

If you have any questions or concerns please call the office on 1800 808 135 or drop us a line to our Service Department


  1. Normal Wear and tear to perishable parts inclusive but not limited to filters and seals.
  2. Failure of or damage to the system due to actions or activities undertaken to operate the system in accordance with the instructions originally supplied at the installation of the system.
  3. Failure of or damage to the system due to actions or activities because of mishap, misuse, abuse, or use for other than designed purposes, Act of God.
  4. Failure of or damage parts or to the system due to actions or activities which result in the incomplete or incorrect installation or modification to any part of the system or the system as a whole.
  5. If the system or any parts are purchased from an unauthorised reseller or supplier.
  6. Damage caused by power surges, floods, electrical storms, incorrect power supply, bug or vermin invasion, or damage caused by domestic animals or wildlife.
  7. Damage or failure of any system or its parts if repaired or serviced by an unauthorised Econocycle repairs provider.
  8. The warranty is offered to the original purchaser of the system and its parts. The warranty is not transferrable.
  9. Parts or systems not provided by ECO-SEPTIC PTY LTD are not covered by this warranty.
  10. Freestanding tanks not buried in the ground are not covered by our warranty.


Warranties and Certifications

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