For over 30 years now, ECO-SEPTIC has been
helping Australian households in purifying their wastewater; through our home
sewage treatment plants. Our systems are consistently better in quality, performance and our systems are trusted across the eastern seaboard. 

We can work with you from the
designing stage through to installation; to ensure that it is done according to what you need.
You don’t have to worry about council applications and EPA approval, we work with you to make sure that all paperwork is compliant with local council regulations. 


For people living in remote or hard-to-reach places; a home sewage treatment is the most effective and economical way to make certain that your wastewater is processed in the simplest way possible. There are many different options you can choose from, when it comes to sewage treatment our specialists at ECO-SEPTIC  are ready  to walk you through the purchase and installation process.


What is a Home Sewage Treatment Plant?

A home sewage treatment plant is a system that treats all the wastewater that is produced in any type of building. The wastewater includes black water or sewage, which comes from the use of toilets and bidets; and greywater, which comes from the use of kitchen sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, baths, and showers. 


The treatment process is environmentally sustainable, as it uses bacteria that is naturally occurring in the wastewater. It does not use dangerous chemicals and additives that can harm humans and the environment. The treatment plant is designed to hold the polluted liquid waste in tank compartments, where all types of bacteria can grow or develop. Through this process we treat the wastewater naturally, which is not only safe for you and people and pets but its safe and kind to the environment.


ECO-SEPTIC can install a home sewage treatment plant efficiently, as our system has been engineered to make installation easy. It also makes servicing the treatment plant fast and easy. Before we start any install, we first assess the quality of your topsoil and take accurate measurements. Our attention to every detail makes any installation stress and hassle free.

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How Do Home Sewage Treatment Plants Work?

There are 3 stages to the Home Sewage Water Treatment System. They are as follows:

Stage 1 

The first stage starts in the primary chamber, this is where solids that are slow to treat, such as grit, oils, fats, personal hygiene items are retained. The heavier matters settle, while the lighter one’s float to the surface. This compartment, basically, is a primary filter and there is no dissolved oxygen here. 

When the liquid waste reaches the mid water level, it flows through the secondary chamber.  Here, the pollutants are consumed by anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not need oxygen to live) to begin breaking the impurities down.


Stage 2

The second pre-treatment stage is the aeration chamber, where air is added to the liquid waste, using a fine bubble aerator located at the bottom of the section. As the bubbles rise, dissolved oxygen becomes present in the water, which is then accessed by the aerobic bacteria (bacteria that need oxygen to live). 

This type of bacteria works faster than the anaerobic type and can multiply and increase their number very rapidly; some eating the pollutants and some eating other bacteria. The outcome is a total mass of organisms cleaning the water of its pollutants.

Stage 3 

The third stage is the clarification step, with clearer water. The biomass settles to the bottom. The top-level water flows out, as it is pushed by the water from the home that enters the primary chamber. It then passes through an ultraviolet disinfectant tube.

The irrigation pump transfers the clarified water out into the environment, where it can be utilised to irrigate gardens and plantations, without threatening your health and your family’s, your neighbours and everything around you.

Advantages of installing a Home Sewage Treatment Plant 

Every system has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of an ECO-SEPTIC home sewage treatment plant, its advantages definitely outweigh its disadvantages.

The home sewage treatment plant is the most closely packed and inconspicuous device that you’ll ever find in the market, requiring only five to ten cubic meters of space. It can be set up anywhere where there is unobstructed underground land and once installed you will barely know its there.

The ECO-SEPTIC system is very reliable, effective and most of all, guaranteed. This home sewage treatment plant is very flexible, as we offer our potential customers many different sizes and options to choose from, you’ll find it easy to find the system that fits your requirements.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Maintenance of the Home Sewage Treatment Plant

Regular maintenance of your home sewage treatment plant is very important. The system is designed to be serviced every three months or on a quarterly basis. It is required by the government legislation.  

This should be done by a qualified service technician only. Your system will be checked and inspected and the necessary adjustments made; to keep it operating at its peak. If a sewage treatment system is serviced regularly, minor problems can be identified, before it becomes not only serious but also costly. To prevent breakdowns and expensive repair costs always engage an experienced professional that not only repairs systems nut that also offers a competitive maintenance program. Ask the team at ECO-SEPTIC team about their service agents and maintenance technicians located across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania who can help with all service and maintenance needs.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the water treatment industry, ECO-SEPTIC can maintain your home sewage treatment system to the optimum level. Our service vehicles are well stocked, with parts and tools, so we can deal with any problem on site first time.

A service visit includes all of these:

–  Air Blower efficiency

–  Air filter check or change

–  Health of the bacteria

–  Diffuser Check

–  Air pipes check

–  Final water quality

–  All Mechanical components, electricals and alarm systems checked and replacement if needed 

Home sewage treatment plants are designed with the user in mind. However, servicing is not a job for the homeowner, even if you have DIY skills.

Servicing and maintenance should be performed by someone who is qualified, have the right training and technical understanding, to avoid health hazards for you and the environment.


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