Home Sewage Treatment Plants

Home Sewage Treatment Systems

Home Sewage Treatment Systems

Econocycle specializes in home systems. For rural homes and properties in hard-to-reach locations, domestic treatment is the absolute best way to guarantee effective sewage treatment for your house. There are a variety of options when it comes to installing a system, though our team of experience specialists (with over 20 years in the industry) are on hand to talk through the more complicated elements of the process.

Benefits of a Water Treatment System on Your Home Property

Your home is where you and your family spend most of their time. A treatment system is the
cleanest way to protect your environment and the greater environment around your home.
There is a reason why local authorities track septic tanks and put stricter limitations in place on
where and where not you can install one.
With a domestic treatment system, there are still certain regulations, but because of its
cleanliness it can be a good option if you are outside the catchment area for a septic system.
Econocyle systems are designed with your home in mind. Years of experience in the industry
has provided us with knowledge on all sorts of homes in all sorts of locales. No matter how
remote or rural your property is, waste treatment is a possibility.

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How do home sewage treatment plants work?

With complex internal systems, sewage treatment plants treat the wastewater in a variety of ways to produce a cleaner runoff. Using separate chambers for solids and liquids, it uses a pump to oxidize the waste and promote a biological, bacterial solution to breakdown the wastewater. When the remaining waste is removed from the tank, the system is mostly clean and ready to run again.

Installing a Home Sewage System

At Econocycle, all our systems have been designed to make installation and servicing fast and easy. Running pipes from your existing internal plumbing isn’t difficult, all we need to do is assess the quality of your topsoil and calculate the distance for potential waste disposal. With a domestic treatment system – rather than a septic tank – much of the runoff or treated waste is clean. Despite this, regular servicing is needed to keep the system running at full efficiency.

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