Residential Grey Water Systems

Residential Grey Water Systems

 The average Australian Household produces 120 Litres of re-usable greywater per person per day ! 

A valuable resource that you can easily recycle and put it to good on your property 

Grey water is the wastewater produced by homes from the bathroom, laundry, and hand basins.  This type of wastewater can be useful and a helpful resource, which you can use a second time. The average 120 litres per person, per day that an Australian home generates; can be recycled and used that’s helpful for  you, your family, and the environment.

Grey water does not include toilet waste. While grey water includes wastewater produced from the kitchen, sinks and dishwashers, it must undergo treatment primarily before it can be safely used as a grey water resource. The reason the water needs to be treated is because it contains high quantities of detergent, grease and oil that can be harmful, when used for household purposes.

ECO-SEPTIC is an expert, when it comes to wastewater treatment systems, whether commercial or domestic. For over 30 years, we have been dealing with the design, manufacture, installation, service, and maintenance of various systems, including residential grey water treatment systems.

You can use untreated grey water; for the sole purpose of watering the garden and irrigation of the lawn. This water source is rich in nutrients that are good for your plants, its as simple as diverting the water directly to your garden from the house. 

However, if you intend to reuse it for laundry and other household activities, your residential grey water should be treated first.

The Benefits of treating and reusing Grey Water

In many parts of Australia, rainfall can be limited, as compared to the demand. This is why people should consider re-using water. Installing rainwater concrete tanks is one option. Another option is installing a grey water treatment system. After all, you want to preserve precious drinking water and the recycled wastewater can be used for watering your plants or flushing the toilet. There are a number of benefits in reusing grey water.

–  It minimises your demand for water cartage services

–  It minimises the amount of wastewater that you release to the environment

–  It reduces the amount you have to pay for water bills

–  It gives you a healthy garden because you can water it well, even when there is

   a shortage of water like droughts or water restrictions.

The grey water is treated in these 3 stages:

  1. Removal of unwanted material, such as lint (fine fibers) and hair.
  2. Removal of things that can cause diseases, unwanted chemicals (salts and nutrients), using either chemical treatments or micro-organisms.
  1. Disinfection by ultraviolet light.
wastewater treatment system

ULTRA GTS (Commercial)

The ultraGTS can be connected in Modular form treating up to 5,000 litres per day.Larger systems are designed specifically for the installation.

Whether it be a School, Golf Course, Hotel or entire Apartment Block we can design a ultraGTS to suit your needs.

Grey Water Treatment Systems

ULTRA GTS (Residential)

The ultraGTS is an ultra modern state of the art Greywater Treatment System employing the latest in Membrane Technology and UV Disinfection. A compact Membrane Bio Reactor the ultraGTS utilises a combination of biological treatment and advanced membrane filtration followed by Ultra Violet Disinfection.

Greywater enters the system via an in ground collection sump and is then automatically dosed into the system. After advanced treatment the recycled water is stored in a re-use tank ready for you to use at your pleasure.

Residential Grey Water Systems

There are many uses for grey water at home or in your business. These uses include water for your laundry and toilet flushing, and also irrigation of plants. Treated greywater can be used to irrigate  non food producing plants. The nutrients in the greywater (such as phosphorus and nitrogen) provide an excellent food source for these plants

Is the Grey Water Treatment System worth investing In?

The cost of basic treatment system can vary depending on the size of the tank required. For grey water treatment systems that produces water to Class A level, the investment will increased due to the installation costs. Class A water is thought to be safe for use, in watering plants meant for eating. Once we have your exact requirements, we can provide you with a budget estimate or quote as quickly as possible.

 Maintenance is important to keep your system functioning, to its optimum capacity. Filters need regular cleaning to avoid blockages and to prevent the occurrence of odour.the ECO-SEPTIC service team can book and schedule your maintenance plan after the installation.

When installing a greywater treatment system you need to consider if the project requires extra plumbing, for example, if your pipes are in a structural concrete casing. Extra plumbing may also be needed if the pipes of your bathroom and laundry are spread over different areas of the house. Additionally, the location of your concrete water storage tank is also a factor that needs to taken into consideration. We will address all these factors when providing you a budget estimate or quote.

It would be more cost effective, if the installation of an ECO-SEPTIC grey water treatment system is done while your house is being built or it is undergoing a major renovation.






Is a Grey Water Treatment System worth investing In?


Even if your home is connected to a main water supply, you may still be interested in installing a grey water treatment system. 

If you want to do your share for the environment or if you do not have a concrete rainwater tank on your property a greywater system is a great option. However, if you are not connected to the city mains or you generate a big volume of greywater, then you might want to consider investing in a grey water recycling system.

If your home is in drought affected parts of Australia, where you can rely only on rainwater; for your supply of household water, a grey water treatment plant is of great help. You simply pump it into your washing machine and toilet and see how much valuable drinking water you can save? The system will also lessen the load on the drought-stricken water ways and also your septic tank.

Water shortage is on the rise, not only in Australia, but also in many countries of the world.  Implementing a grey water treatment system is an advantageous move, for the health of your family and your community. 

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