Residential Grey Water Treatment Systems

Residential Grey Water Systems

Residential Grey Water Systems

 The average Australian Household produces 120 Litres of re-usable greywater per person per day ! A valuable resource that you can easily recycle back to good use on your property 

ULTRA GTS (Commercial)

The ultraGTS can be connected in Modular form treating up to 5,000 litres per day.Larger systems are designed specifically for the installation.

Whether it be a School, Golf Course, Hotel or entire Apartment Block we can design a ultraGTS to suit your needs.

ULTRA GTS (Residential)

The ultraGTS is an ultra modern state of the art Greywater Treatment System employing the latest in Membrane Technology and UV Disinfection. A compact Membrane Bio Reactor the ultraGTS utilises a combination of biological treatment and advanced membrane filtration followed by Ultra Violet Disinfection.

Greywater enters the system via an in ground collection sump and is then automatically dosed into the system. After advanced treatment the recycled water is stored in a re-use tank ready for you to use at your pleasure.

Residential Grey Water Systems

There are many uses for grey water at home or in your business. These uses include water for your laundry and toilet flushing, and also irrigation of plants. Treated greywater can be used to irrigate both food and non food producing plants. The nutrients in the greywater (such as phosphorus and nitrogen) provide an excellent food source for these plants.



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