Commercial Waste Water Systems

ECO-SEPTIC provides standard, decentralised, and custom-designed solutions that can reliably deliver clean water to commercial clients.
We also provide cost-effective treated wastewater for safe discharge into the environment, or reuse for irrigation or industrial purposes.
A commercial sewage treatment plant or septic tank system works very much like a residential septic tank system. Heavy solids are extracted in the primary septic tank chamber, this partially treated water then undergoes a natural biological process via a secondary aeration chamber. 
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Septic Tanks Installation

ECO-SEPTIC is a market leader in commercial wastewater treatment systems across the east coast of Australia.  Our company has undertaken multiple projects in regional and remote parts of the country in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania where connection to sewer lines is not possible.  With a wastewater treatment plant, housing and commercial projects can be developed miles away from sewer facilities, warehouses and factories, so  they can be erected in rural areas, as well as people having the ability to work and live in those remote areas.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have created world class solutions in local areas in the field of commercial onsite wastewater treatment systems. This includes incorporating technical expertise and innovation with practical solutions to problems.

What we offer are time-tested commercial wastewater treatment plants that process onsite treatment of wastewater. This occurs through an aerobic digestion process that transforms liquid waste into an odourless and clear substance.

The primary objective of ECO-SEPTIC commercial wastewater systems is to offer guidance and recommendations to developers, property owners, builders, drainers, and plumbers with regards to their building projects. Our service starts at the planning/design stage right through to construction and installation of the systems.  Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers can also advise on the most cost-effective treatment system option your project needs.

ECO-SEPTIC is a widely recognised product within the industry and we supply direct to builders, plumbers and drainers. ECO-SEPTIC products are recommended by hydraulic engineers and architects Australia wide. 

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Septic Tank Installation
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North Connex Project

Features of ECO-SEPTIC Wastewater Treatment Systems

The wastewater treatment systems by ECO-SEPTIC processes all commercial wastewater in an effective and efficient manner. The company is dedicated and takes on the responsibility of providing a water supply that is safe to use for most purposes needed by our customers. 

Some of these features include:

–  corrosion free, durable concrete septic tanks

–  modular construction supports a wide range of product sizes

–  24/7 technical support with plant start up; operator training is available

–  great for new property development and for upgrading or replacing current treatment systems

–  expert plant design, manufacturing, and engineering.

–  accessories such as dosing devices and ultraviolet disinfection systems

– application to meet its needs, along with chemicals and biological additions that will keep your plant running effectively and efficiently.


Our concrete septic tanks are very durable and are built to last for several decades as we use the nest quality concrete during the manufacturing process. 

ECO-SEPTIC carefully designs, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of commercial wastewater systems in the market, so the most cost effective and efficient solution for your project is always guaranteed. 

The characteristics of commercial wastewater can significantly differ in nature, which is why matching the project requirement with the right treatment is critical. In all stages of the project, we follow our customer’s strict guidelines and specifications.

Above all, we are committed to invest continuously in the development of new technologies, to enable us to provide a treatment process that is not only focussed on evolving technologies but also and cost efficient, without negative effects on the quality of the treated water.  ECO-SEPTIC aims to give our customers real value for  money, in concrete septic tank manufacture, supply and maintenance.

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Why Installing A Wastewater Treatment Plant is Beneficial?

The onsite commercial wastewater treatment system is among the most important conservation processes in helping to save the environment, so it’s an important process.

Our ECO-SEPTIC commercial treatment plants process wastewater from business facilities such as industrial plants, refineries. manufacturing plants and many more.  They have onsite facilities where wastewater is treated to make sure that the water that is discharged into the environment has been already made safe for various uses.

Our ECO-SEPTIC system will not just help conserve water and make it easier to have a healthier environment, it will also protect the health of the communities by preventing water-borne hazards that put human lives at risk.

 We thereby encourage every household in Australia to install an ECO-SEPTIC wastewater treatment system in their property.

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septic tanks

Econocycle commercial waste systems offer excellent and cost effective commercial septic tank solutions that come with stock standard and off the shelf options or a tailor made.  Our septic sewage tank is designed to suit your commercial project, big or small. We have four tank options available in the Econocycle range, the Econo Executive, Econo Pro, Econo Tallboy and our very popular Twin Tank System.

Wastewater Treatment


Econocycle provides Aerated Water Treatment Systems for properties not connected to the town sewer. Firstly, we will meet with you onsite and discuss your needs as well as the application process and what you can and cant do with an AWTS.  The Ecoseptic team will manage the entire process from design, choosing the right product, installation and servicing – we are the experts in the industry.



We offer a collection of pumpwell solutions with capabilities for a submersible pump. Our extensive range of polymer Pump Wells, made in a variety of sizes up to 1000 litres. Econocycle products provide an effective solution for both domestic and small commercial/ industrial projects.