Domestic Treatment Plants

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Full-level domestic water treatment plants are designed to offer the lowest lifetime costs and the most effective treatment for wastewater. Though the initial cost may be greater, over the operation of the system there are fewer risks of contamination and the positives of a more environmentally-friendly option.

All our Econocyle systems have been designed to be as easy to install as possible. Flexible models mean there is always a system to suit your home and property. After years in the industry, we wanted to make sure that the systems are easy to service so the technicians are in and out before you even realize they’re there.

Differences Between Septic Tanks and Domestic Water Treatment Plants

In comparison to septic tanks, domestic treatment plants are much cleaner environmentally. While waste from a tank is treated with potentially damaging additives, water treatment systems do exactly as expected: treat the water.

Septic tanks only need to be emptied once a year, don’t require electricity and irregularly servicing due combat issues. Alternatively, treatment systems will usually require electricity and more regular servicing. This attention from our team of experts helps keep your system running effectively over long periods of time. If you’re after longevity and cleanliness, there isn’t a better option for your home than a treatment system.

The Cost of Domestic Water Treatment

As we mentioned, the initial cost for a treatment system is more expensive than a septic tank. However, if you live in a rural home in QLD, NSW, Tasmania or Victoria, a system from Econocyle is by far the most environmentally-friendly and long-lasting wastewater solution. Regular servicing carried out by our team of experts keeps your kit running year-round. A self- cleaning, biological system guarantees functionality even after years of use.

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