Is Sink Water The Same As Hose Water?

We have lots of different sources of water around the home, from kitchen sinks to garden hoses. If you’ve been out in the yard all day, you might have even quenched your thirst with water straight from the garden hose. Although you might not have noticed any difference at the time, you might be wondering if sink water is the same as hose water. 

It’s all in the pipes

Generally speaking, the water from a garden hose will be the same water found in your sink water. Water travels from underground pipes to your neighbourhood, where it is normally segregated across different properties. The water destined for your home will pass through a water treatment plant to remove toxins and make it safer to drink.

There are differences between sink water and hose water though, specifically with the pipes and fixtures. Water for the home will travel through pipes designed to avoid contaminants in the water, whereas a garden hose lacks any of these safeguards.

The risks of drinking hose water

Sink WaterWater that is used outside of the home, such as outdoor taps, will usually use metallic fittings such as lead or brass. This is great for durability, but it runs the risk of contaminating the water with trace amounts of lead or brass, which can contain poisons. It is often the case that this setup encourages standing water, which makes it more likely for toxins from metal to leach into the water.

There is no protective coating on the pipes used for outdoor water, either. Unlike water destined for the home, which uses coated pipes to avoid contamination, outdoor water does not have that luxury. That means the risk of getting sick from outside water is far greater than indoor water from the sink.

If you use residential grey water systems, then your indoor water supplies will be recycled then distributed for outdoor use. If that is the case, you will want to avoid drinking from the hose as it is likely to contain pathogens, parasites and germs that will make you sick.

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