What is a home sewage treatment plant

If you’re researching or considering home sewage treatment plants for your property, then you might be wondering what a home sewage treatment plant is.

Simply, these are domestic grade systems that treat any wastewater from your home. This can include black water and sewage (from toilets) and greywater (from sinks, washing machines, showers, baths, and dishwashers).

In this blog, we will cover a bit more about what a home sewage treatment plant is, how it works, why you might need one, and the advantages of having one.

How does a home sewage treatment plant work?

Wastewater TreatmentWastewater from your home will enter the treatment plant through internal plumbing and sit in the first chamber. This is the separation stage where oil, scum and grease in the wastewater will float to the top and any solids and sediments will settle at the bottom.

After it has separated, the wastewater will flow into the second chamber where an air pump aerates the water to promote aerobic bacterial growth. These bacteria break down what contaminants remain in the water.

In the final chamber, the water goes through its last settlement stage where any remaining solids fall to the bottom and the clean water can be safely released into a watercourse or soakaway.

The entire process relies on naturally occurring bacteria found in the wastewater instead of harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment. This makes the entire process sustainable.

Why do I need a home sewage treatment plant?

It is an essential addition to any property or development that cannot get a direct connection to the mains sewer network. Sometimes the topography of the land or the physical distance from existing mains sewers can mean that connecting to the traditional method is not possible.

This is where you will need a home sewage treatment plant.

Not only does a home sewage treatment plant mean that you can release the cleaned water into local water sources without further treatment (unlike septic tanks), but a home sewage treatment plant is much better for the environment.

What are the benefits of a home sewage treatment plant?

  • Reliable and cost-effective over time
  • Hard-wearing and adaptable
  • Suitable for even small or hard-to-access areas
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

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