What is a Home Sewage Treatment Plant?

When using a septic tank to dispose of your household waste (wastewater) or your home does not have a connection to the main drainage, the nearby ground water may become contaminated with harmful and poisonous substances. The ideal solution to this is a wastewater treatment system. This is an environmentally sustainable and ideal solution of disposing the household waste.

When you choose to install a home sewage treatment plant in your property, you must ensure you have a modern and approved method of treating wastewater generated by your household. It can easily reduce the risk to health of the public and the environment. If not, all forms of wastewater containing harmful contaminants may cause damage and infection . The system degrades the receiving waste, after which a treated effluent is produced, suitable and ready to be released to a natural course of water.

The home sewage treatment plant process involves three steps.

  1. Primary Stage – In this first stage, the heavier solids settle to the bottom, while the scum or the lighter waste floats to the surface. Included in this step are the screening, reducing to minute particles or fragments, removal of small loose particles and sedimentation or the process of settling. The solids that have settled are referred to as primary sludge.
  2. Secondary Stage – This stage includes a necessary part which is a biological treatment process. It aims to break down the organic matter from human waste, then combined with the primary sludge for processing. The secondary stage removes about 80 to 90% of human waste. It uses a trickling filter, a bed of rocks or coarse materials, through which sewage passes after being intermittently sprayed. This process removes the organic matter and becomes oxidised.
  3. Tertiary Stage – Is the highest level of home sewage treatment plant that produces effluent water ready for reuse or discharge to the environment. UV lights are used as its disinfection process, along with chlorination to remove viruses and bacteria.
wastewater treatment system

To protect the environment around your home, there is a need for you to install a home sewage treatment plant. Ecoseptic offers you fast and easy installation. We can efficiently run pipes from your existing plumbing because we first evaluate the nature and quality of your topsoil and measure the distance for possible disposal of waste.

Please take note that with a domestic sewage treatment plant -instead of a septic tank – the treated wastewater or runoff is clean. Despite this, however, the treatment system needs to be serviced regularly, to keep it running to its optimum efficiency. At Ecoseptic, we are very careful in maintaining your home sewage treatment plant. We would like your system to have the best care, to eliminate any potential hassle in running it.

Contact us for a fast quote or book a service call on 1800 808 135 and speak to our wastewater treatment experts. You can also visit us at www.ecoseptic.com.au

wastewater treatment system

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