Why Do We Need Domestic Treatment Plants?

Many Australian homes, particularly those in rural areas such as Victoria, do not currently connect to a mains drainage system. This means these homes need a reliable alternative solution – one that domestic treatment plants can provide with the help of groups such as Central Septics Castlemaine.

With water scarcity a looming threat for the coming generation, a safe, stable recycling option is paramount whether you have mains access or not. For that reason, here are a few reasons why a domestic treatment plant is a worthwhile purchase that will serve you well.

1. They are environmentally friendly

Ecoseptic PlantUsing a domestic plant to recycle your water will help you save a lot of it – for example, you could water your garden using the recycled contents of your plant and reduce your consumption by several gallons a week. As temperatures increase around the globe and the demand for water increases, this alone can add up to a vast reduction over time. We must look after the planet – this begins with recycling our resources in whatever way we can.

2. They are a good alternative to septic tanks

These plants are similar but noticeably distinct from traditional septic tanks – for example, they treat the water differently. Domestic plants usually work by adding oxygen to speed up the processes at work during this treatment, and in many cases, outperform septic tanks entirely at processing and treating the water. Ultimately, a domestic treatment plant can do a better job at ensuring the water that leaves it is safer and less damaging to wildlife and the environment.

3. They are long-lasting

Domestic plants can serve you for a long time if you maintain them well. There are plenty of simple ways to extend the life of your wastewater treatment plant – first and foremost, make sure you dispose of waste correctly through the sink and toilet. This means your plant only needs to process what the manufacturers built it to process. On top of this, keep up with your plant’s maintenance schedule – this helps it operate at its best and allows for any necessary adjustments. Central Septics Castlemaine can provide long-lasting plants to Victoria homes and maintain them to a high standard, ensuring they last as long as possible.

4. They are cost-effective

As mentioned above, domestic plants can last for a long while with regular maintenance. An added benefit of this is that they are highly cost-effective, serving as a low-cost solution. The actual upkeep (provided you know what belongs and does not belong down the drain) is practically non-existent, meaning the plant will pay for itself in a matter of time. Be sure not to skip on regular maintenance – this can identify problems and help you deal with them at a lower cost.

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