In most parts of Australia, one of the most common systems used for wastewater treatment onsite are septic tanks. However, what the tanks provides is only primary treatment, which involves the settling of solids and the flotation of grease and fats. Thus, effluent resulting from this limited treatment is not suitable for irrigation and can only be discharged to a covered soil or a drain field, that is in a specific sand fill material. Irrigation using treated effluent is possible, only when septic tanks have an aerated system that treats wastewater to a level that is higher than just that of a septic tank.

As an essential part of a property and a means of protecting the environment, septic tanks should be functioning smoothly. Hence, they should be cared for and maintained properly. It is also a requirement by the NSW Health Department that all households with septic tank systems should be checked and inspected every three months, so that it can maintain its high-level of performance. Across NSW and the neighbouring regions there are a variety of service providers for septic tanks. However, if you are looking for the best, you need not search too far. Ecoseptic is a business that is passionate about helping you get the best out of your wastewater, by offering you septic tank maintenance service.

With a range of wastewater treatment systems available, Ecoseptic draws a plan, installs, and maintains wastewater systems that meet your needs. We provide you with an economical and environment friendly means for your wastewater, including a source of grey water; for watering your garden and many other uses. Once we have installed your tank, we provide you with our septic tank maintenance services, to keep it fine-tuned and in perfect working order.

Regular septic tank maintenance will help you avoid mishaps and financial problems in case your system breaks down due to poor care. We have a team at Ecoseptic, who are experts in maintaining and prolonging the life of your system. We will check your septic tank and identify issues that are critical to its functioning, and then offer you solutions on whether there’s a need to adjust, alter or replace your system, depending on the severity of the problem.

With every service, our team will conduct a complete  check up and examination. We do this in detail and keep you posted on everything that our technician finds. So, regardless of whether you need a routine quarterly service, or an alteration, or a system replacement, you can expect a highly specialised septic tank maintenance service, at a price that is very competitive. Additionally, we always make ourselves available 24/7 for urgent repairs or any immediate concerns that you may have. You just need to make a call and we will be there.

Please feel free to contact us and get a fast quote and let us discuss any questions or issues that you want answered on 1800 808 135 or visit us at

We service the South Coast, Snowy Mountains, Laguna, Riverina, Bateman’s Bay, , North and mid North Coast, Mallacoota, Southern Highlands, Narooma, Cobargo, Mogo, Nowra, Balmoral, Glenn Ines, the close-by areas, Moruya and Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and surrounding areas.

We also have service agents right across Australia that can meet your maintenance and service needs.

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