If Your House Has A Septic Tank, Do You Have To Pay A Sewer Bill?

For those looking to decide between a septic tank and typical sewage, every factor counts. One of the most significant factors is that of cost and being able to remove your sewer bill from your outgoings is important to keep the books balanced. However, many don’t know whether installing a septic tank means that you no longer need to pay a sewer bill. Read on to learn what septic tanks mean for your sewer bills, and what impact this can have on your finances.

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank, also known as a domestic wastewater treatment plant, is an alternative to being connected to the sewage system. Effectively a large tank in the ground, a septic tank collects all the waste from your plumbing and stores it underground, to be emptied when full.

This means that homes with a septic tank rarely need to be connected to the sewage network. No sewage flows into the sewage network, except for in rare cases in which an overflow pipe from the septic tank is connected to the sewage system.

Septic Tank

How does this relate to my sewer bill?

Depending on the agreement you have with your utilities provider, your sewage bill may either be at a fixed rate or variable depending on the amount of your sewage that needs to be processed throughout a set time period.

In the case that you have an agreement with your provider that they charge a fixed rate for you being connected, you will not see any change to the amount that you are charged. You will continue to be charged the same amount for sewage, no matter whether you are making use of the network.

On the other hand, a variable rate will mean that your bill drastically falls with a septic tank. As your tank fills, you won’t need to use the sewage network and your bills won’t need to rack up. The only time your bills may rise is using an overflow pipe connected to the sewage network, but this is just a fraction of your previous costs.

What do septic tanks cost?

Septic-tanks can come at a wide range of price points. You may find the most expensive septic tanks in remote areas or places like farms, which produce a significant amount of waste and may only can be emptied rarely.

On the other hand, a cheap septic tank may only set you back \$2,000. However, this will not include the installation of the tank, and plumbing in a septic system can be an extremely difficult task.

A major cost of septic tanks is emptying. Septic tanks need to be emptied at regular intervals, and the process often requires the use of specialists to ensure the tank is completely emptied and safe.

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