What Size Septic Tank Do I Need For My Home?

A septic tank is a must-have for many Australian homes that aren’t on the sewage grid, but if this is your first time specifying exactly what you need it can be confusing. The adage ‘bigger is better’ doesn’t always apply here, because having a tank that is far too big for your needs can cause more problems than it solves. So, if you need a tank that suits your family home perfectly, then how do you know what size it needs to be? Let’s look at what you must consider when sizing up your septic tank.

Why does size matter?

We’ve alluded to problems if you choose the wrong size tank, and we hope it’s obvious what might happen if you choose a tank that is too small. However, a tank that’s too big comes with problems of its own. For a start, it will cost far more in labour and materials to buy the tank, bury it, and connect the services up. Secondly, septic tanks work through a process of natural filtration and sedimentation, which doesn’t work properly if there isn’t enough material in the tank relative to its size. This can result in bad smells and drainage problems.

What do the rules say?

Septic TankStandards Australia have issued guidance that says houses with less than six bedrooms, but more than four bedrooms, must have a septic tank with a capacity of at least 4,500L. The average Australian house has between three and four bedrooms, so that is a reliable rule of thumb to follow if your house is an average suburban detached property. However, individual needs will vary, so if there are any special circumstances to consider then it might affect your decision. For example, if the house you’re specifying the tank for is rented out to holidaymakers and regularly has a high capacity, you might need a little more space in your tank. Similarly, if you regularly have guests and friends over, you might need a bigger tank.

I need more help

While it’s possible to take a rough guess at how big your tank needs to be by thinking about your usage, it’s better to be safe than sorry, which is where expert help can come in handy. At Eco-Septic we are specialists in creating safe and reliable wastewater management systems, and we are happy to provide any advice and assistance you need in specifying and installing your tank. Whether you need help adding or modifying your existing wastewater system, or if you need an entirely new system installing on a new build house, we can take you through the process from start to finish for the best results.

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