How Do Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems Work?

Aerated wastewater treatment systems remove polluting substances from your wastewater and makes it usable again. What a great way to help the environment and save money? The treated water can then be used for irrigation and many other purposes in your property.

Aerated wastewater treatment system treats water through several compartments. The first resembles a conventional septic tank, where solids collect at the bottom of the tank and leaves the wastewater on top. Once the suspended solids have been removed, the wastewater is now clarified partially and flows to the second compartment, where air is added to the wastewater to assist bacteria to breakdown the pollutant components. This is called wastewater aeration, a biological treatment that uses microorganisms found in wastewater to degrade the contaminants.

When air is added to the wastewater, oxygen is being provided to bacteria to treat and stabilise the water. These bacteria or microorganisms need adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) to act well, because when oxygen is not adequate, microbes will not be able to consume the organic pollutants at a reasonable time. An aeration system is a must, so that normal DO levels are maintained.

The third compartment allows solids to further settle and the next and final compartment is chlorination, which is for disinfection. 

The waste, which was treated to a secondary standard, is pumped out to another location, either for surface or subsurface irrigation in a dedicated area or paddock of your property, although it should be noted that chlorine is not ideal for irrigation. This secondary treated waste may also be disposed of, by other methods too. The wastewater clarified in the 3rd compartment is free of chlorine and is therefore good for irrigation.

The aerated wastewater treatment system uses natural processes in purifying the wastewater, so it can be used for irrigation. You can pump out clean water through your garden drippers that will provide water to your plants, in a particular manner. Cleansed water can also be directed through subsurface lawn irrigation.

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