What efficiency and certification considerations do you need for an aerated wastewater treatment system?

If you need to install a wastewater treatment system there are several options, including aerated wastewater treatment systems. AWTS is now one of the most commonly-used systems across Australia today, alongside septic tanks.

When you’re planning and installing an AWTS there are some important efficiency and certification points to think about. This guide answers “what efficiency and certification considerations do you need for an aerated wastewater treatment system?”


Aerated Wastewater Treatment SystemRequirements can differ between states. Wherever you are in Australia, liaising with experienced local plumbers helps to ensure you get the certifications you need. If you’re in Victoria, adhering to local requirements is vital. Local specialists like C&S Plumbing in Benalla can help, including with septic tanks Benalla.

Permit to install a septic tank

The first requirement is a permit to install a septic tank. The application is completed by the professional plumbers working for you. C&S Plumbing can complete this for customers in Victoria. You must pay an application fee and submit a range of information. Professionals can help you with detailed site plans.

You might need to undergo soil testing and a land capability assessment from the council. Your local council is obligated to respond to the application within 42 days. A successful application means you can proceed with having a septic tank system installed.

Certificate of use

Once the installation is complete you have to obtain a certificate to use a septic system. Again, plumbers like C&S Plumbing provide effective support and liaise with the council for you. Your plumber contacts the council at least two days before AWTS work is due to be completed. They can arrange a final inspection with an Environmental Health Officer.

Following the inspection, your plumber submits further documents to the council, including maintenance contracts. This also includes a compliance certificate that certifies the work complies with regulatory standards. Once you receive the certificate of use you can proceed with using your aerated wastewater treatment system.


AWTS uses electricity and requires a reliable power supply. You may worry about its impact on your household bills but there are energy-efficient options. As one of our suppliers, C&S Plumbing can help you install energy-efficient solutions for septic tanks Manfield and in other parts of Victoria.

C & S PlumbingEco-septic offer efficient solutions – the blowers in our AWTS use an average of 43 watts for a usual household system. If you want to keep household bills low and limit energy consumption, these systems are a great choice. Regular inspections and maintenance from professional plumbers also keep the system performing efficiently.

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