How Often Do Septic Tanks Need To Be Replaced?

Septic systems usually contain Septic Tanks that are built as underground structures. These tanks are designed for proper wastewater management. The tank holds solids & scum accumulated from wastewater that comes from different sources.

Septic Tanks Demands Frequent Repairs

A strong indication that your septic system needs to be replaced is non-stop maintenance that deals with pumping, backups and most importantly, usual leaks.

How often Septic Tank needs to be Pumped Out

When it comes to Septic Tank maintenance, one of the crucial factors is knowing when the tanks need to be emptied. The answer depends on multiple factors, like the number of individuals in your family, tank size, and climate

Importance of Septic Tank Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of Septic Tanks are essential to keep the environment neat, clean and free from foul smell. If a Septic Tank is not maintained properly, it could cause some serious problems.

You need to consider several factors when it comes to maintenance or if your Septic Tank needs replacement. When and what kind of maintenance and cleaning is required, depends on certain factors, e.g. what type of wastewater is going to the tank? Does the wastewater contain chemicals? And things like that.

Signs that Your Septic Tanks Needs to be replaced

Although Septic Tanks are designed to perform their work for 30-40 years, it is still subjective whether it will keep functioning well or needs replacement. If the drains in your house are filling up and water is not flowing properly, this is an indicator that the Septic Tank needs to be fixed. Moreover, the foul smell of sewerage also indicates that the Septic Tank is not working as it is supposed to be.

Septic Tank

Following are some signs that you need to consider regarding your Septic Tank Maintenance and Replacement:

The Age of Tank: From how many years the tank is in use is one of the essential factors to consider. An older system being used for many years might cause problems for you.

Exceeding the Limit: If the use of tank is increased e.g. if the tank was installed for two rooms and four people, but later the size of family and the use of tank increased, this could cause issues as initially it wasn’t designed for this kind of service.

Slow Drains: If the water from toilets and sinks is draining slowly, this might be a sign that your Septic Tank has some problem. Although this might be a little indicator as there might be an issue of clogging still, you must notice this issue.

You must make sure that the tank is properly maintained and if it needs replacement or not. If you are confused about when and what kind of maintenance is required, you could contact a professional cleaning company like Eco Septic.

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