How Much Sewage Is Produced Per Person?

It has been found by the National Water Quality Management Strategy that each year the average Australian citizen creates 70,000 litres of sewage with domestic water alone. If you divide that number by each day of the year, the average Australian citizen creates around 192 litres of sewage just from domestic water each day.

If you think about how much sewage is created by every person who makes up the 25.36 million Australian population (2019), you’ll see why this is such a problem. At Eco-Septic, we want to raise awareness about sewage levels and have created this blog post to explain how sewage is produced, what you can do to crack down on your sewage production and why it’s important to do so.

How is sewage produced?

In the simplest definition, sewage is wastewater, usually combined with excrement. All water wasted in your household will accumulate as sewage and be transported from your home via pipes.

How can you crack down on your sewage production?

You can crack down on how much water you waste by taking notice and monitoring your daily water use. For example:

  • sewage productionWhen you wake up in the morning and wash your face, soak the flannel with how much water you think you’re likely to use and turn the tap off. This should also be done when you brush your teeth.
  • When you’re washing the dishes, make sure that you don’t tip your basin over until you’ve washed every dish. This means that you don’t have to waste water filling up the basin again to wash a couple of cups and a plate, for example.
  • When you run a bath, keep an eye on how much water is filling up in the tub. Don’t fill up to past the overflow tube. This means that there is too much water in the bath and that you’ve wasted the excess.
  • When you go for a shower, don’t spend longer in there than you need. You’re creating waste every second you have the shower on.

Why is it important to reduce sewage?

It is important to reduce your sewage levels as it allows sewage systems to carry out their work more efficiently. This means that it’s easier to protect the community by moving dirty water away from homes. Reducing the amount of water, you waste will also lower your energy bills and is more sustainable. If you are conscious about making an eco-friendly impact, try to reduce how much water you waste as much as possible.

All in all, by tracking your contribution to sewage production you are playing your role in helping the environment.

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