How to conduct regular maintenance on your septic tank system

If you have a septic tank, there are several maintenance needs that come with this as regularly as any property or facility. However, servicing your septic tank can often be forgotten or lack the important elements that will keep it running safely, healthily, and effectively.

A poorly maintained septic tank comes with a host of potential health issues and environmental risks that can do serious damage if left unchecked. The Australian government holds tight regulations on the proper upkeep of septic tanks to minimise this risk and ensure the safety of the land and the people.

Here at Eco-Septic, we’ve put together this blog to outline how to maintain a septic tank in line with current regulations.

How to maintain a septic tank

Septic Tank SystemYou must have the tank and system inspected by a professional servicer at least once every three years and have it pumped at the same time or within the same three years. If you have an alternative system (such as those with electrical pumps and float switches or mechanical components), you should have this inspected once a year.

Regularly desludge and empty your tank so that it doesn’t build up and block or cause pollution to nearby land. If you notice any faults with the tank, have it repaired immediately to not risk exacerbating the problem.

Each month, check the area where your septic tank discharges for any indicators of problems and have your tank professionally emptied once a year.

Remember to properly dispose of garbage waste

Anything down your toilet besides toilet paper and human waste can block up or damage your septic tank. This includes toiletries (like tampon shells, sanitary pads, wet wipes, paper towels, dental floss), food (cooking grease, coffee grounds, food waste), or anything else you might have thought could be flushed down a toilet.

Moreover, remember that your septic tank relies on good bacteria and microbes to break down and treat your household waste. If you pour chemicals and toxins (such as cooking oil, oil-based paints and solvents, chemical drain unblockers) down your toilet, you could kill these good microbes and damage your system.

Trusting a professional septic tank maintenance service

It’s best to always rely on a qualified industry professional for all of your septic tank maintenance needs.

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