Do Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants Smell?

Domestic sewage treatment plants are usually used as a replacement for septic tanks. For some reasons, it is not possible to install septic tanks at some places, so this system is used to treat wastewater. One of the significant differences between a septic tank and a domestic sewage treatment plant is the way wastewater is disposed. Septic tank drains wastewater straight into ground, whereas domestic plant processes the water before disposing it off.

These treatment plants are introduced to provide an environment friendly solution to wastewater treatment problems. Domestic sewage treatment plants use natural processes, like aerobic bacterial digestion, to help break down & neutralise sewage waste, so they are suitable for the environment. A well-maintained sewage treatment plant should not be giving off any unpleasant odours. Sewage treatment plants contain the naturally occurring odour that will come up as part of the treatment process. If there is a bad smell, then it is crucial to investigate the cause and fix it.

People concerns over bad smells from sewage treatment work are increasing day by day. Moreover, odour slackening and & control is a key issue for sewage work operators.

What causes a sewage treatment plant to smell?

There are a few things that will result in your sewage treatment plant starting to smell.

The main reason is the build-up of sludge over time. Sewage treatment plants must be emptied at least once a year because only the wastewater is ejected and the sludge remains there. In simple words, a bad odour indicates that it’s time to be emptied. If regular maintenance is carried out, then you can avoid this problem.

Some other reasons may be the air vents being blocked or the air not circulating effectively within the system. Moreover, the domestic sewage treatment plant could also get affected by objects that can’t be broken down and remain there in the tank. Again, this can all be prevented by regular maintenance program.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

What to do if the sewage treatment plant smells?

The first thing to do if your sewage treatment is smelly is to call in professionals to fix it for you. We at Ecoseptic have a team of professionals that will get the work done for you and make your treatment plant odour free.

We will sort out what is causing the bad smell and then give you a solution to fix the problem.

There are multiple solutions to fix the smell causing issues. The most common solution simply being to empty the plant of the build-up of sludge. Plus you want to check, measure that the sewage treatment plant is performing or connected to power, as most run using electricity. Also make sure that the air vents are clear and working properly.

Here at Ecoseptic, we have years of experience installing & repairing sewage treatment plants. If you’re looking to design and install your sewage treatment plant; our professionals are ready to get it done for you! Eco-Septic is a Sydney based manufacturer and specialises in commercial wastewater systems of various shapes and designs. We can provide fast and free quotes relevant to your commercial wastewater needs, all while keeping in mind individual spending capabilities.

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