Maxi Series Range

Our maxi series is an upscaled version of our Econocycle System and is both recommended and suitable in situations where large amounts of wastewater is produced; they have been engineer designed to handle larger volumes of wastewater. Our maxi series uses the same proven Econocycle process as all of our advanced secondary systems, however, this particular series includes three separate chambers, which aid in producing the highest quality of reusable water. The chambers involved are: an aeration chamber, a clarification chamber and a chlorination/pump out chamber.

The aeration chamber is where 90% of the water treatment occurs. This process is whereby the presence of oxygen allows microorganisms to breakdown organic matter and use it as an energy source. The water then moves into the clarification chamber and it is in this chamber that any remaining waste is lifted; essentially this chamber removes all kind of particles, sediments, oil, natural organic matter and colour from the water to make it clear. Finally, the water travels into chlorination/pump out chamber. Chlorine is used to treat and purify the water and then the water is made available once more for use. In addition to the incredibly thorough water treatment process, this maxi series comes fitted with further features: an electric box, submersible pump, and chlorinator. This system would be suitable for a residential setting.

We also, however, offer maxi series systems available for commercial use, take, for example, the 20,000L per day series. In this design, as the name suggests, up to 20,000L of water can be recycled daily. In commercial settings where this amount of water is generated, it is imperative that water recycling occurs for the sustainability of the resource. Like all our products, our maxi series systems are Australian made using Australian resources. Eco-Septic strongly believes in water sustainability in a manner that is ecofriendly. Our team of experts look forward to working with you, keeping in mind your personal budget.

Oakville Dual Maxi 15 Series

Eco-Septic is a Sydney based manufacturer and specialises in commercial wastewater systems of various shapes and designs. We can provide fast and free quotes relevant to your commercial wastewater needs, all while keeping in mind individual spending capabilities. If you would like to enquire about our maxi series wastewater systems, visit us at: or call on 1800 808 135

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