What Is Commercial Wastewater?

Commercial Wastewater SystemWhen discussing wastewater, there are several types – blackwater and greywater. Blackwater refers to water that originates from toilet fixtures, dishwashers, and food preparation sinks; essentially, black water is any water that is largely contaminated with harmful solids, oils, greases or chemicals. Grey water, on the other hand, is any wastewater produced in any area that is not going to extremely contaminated and more difficult to treat.

Wastewater can also be further broken down into residential or commercial. Residential wastewater, be in black or grey, is treated differently to commercial. This is because commercial wastewater is produced in larger quantities and carries within it, higher doses of harmful substances. Some typical outlets and/or projects that produce commercial wastewater include:

  • Hotels, caravan parks, resorts
  • Mine Camps
  • Schools and churches
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Wineries and agribusinesses
  • Rural subdivisions
  • Township STED schemes
  • Holiday settlements
  • Remote communities

It is particularly important for commercial outlets to ensure that they have an ecofriendly wastewater treatment method available onsite, because this wastewater, mass produced, can be restored back to A Class standard, and used around the property in landscaping and irrigation, as two examples.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment

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