How do Home Sewage Treatment Plants work?

When wastewater is treated at a community or municipal level, public access to this water is prohibited, out of fear that it could pose as a potential health risk. However, wastewater that is treated appropriately does not pose as a health risk and can be used to irrigate gardens and landscapes on your property. To ensure the most environmentally sustainable approach to preserving water, Eco-Septic offers you home sewage treatment plants.

Home sewage treatment plants are modelled off a whole community treatment plant, however, the structure is at a smaller scale and suitable for a household and family. The structure allows for the treatment of both grey (bath, shower and laundry water) and black wastewater (toilet and sink water) in the one place, and achieves this through multiple stages: Through the primary treatment chamber, a secondary treatment chamber, a clarification or settling stage on to an irrigation pump.

Home Sewage Treatment Plants

To summarise the listed stages, water enters the primary tank after becoming contaminated. At this point it is still heavily intwined with grit and grime as has not yet begun the treatment process, however, large waste is retained in this chamber while the treatable water flows through to the secondary chamber. This is an aeration chamber, fitted with a bubble aerator at the bottom of the tank. Tiny bubbles are generated and released and as they rise, gaseous oxygen transfers into the water, becoming dissolved oxygen that aids in the breakdown of sludge – this process creates a resource that aerobic bacteria (bacteria requiring oxygen to live) can access and feed off of, while also conveniently purifying the water. The third stage, otherwise known as the clarification or settling stage, allows any remaining pollutants to sink to the bottom while light, clean and pure water sits at the top and is allowed to spill out into a disinfectant tube. From here, the now treated water can be used in the garden and for other outdoor purposes.

Our sewage treatment systems are manufactured to meet all of the Australian conditions and codes for water treatment, which means that you can sit back and take comfort in knowing that your water usage on your property is eco-friendly. If your home would benefit, contact us for a fast quote: Or call us on 1800 808 135

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