Why Use a Concrete Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a domestic wastewater management system that processes your household sewage.  This system is common in rural areas and is installed underground for convenience. In addition, it allows homeowners to not depend greatly on the conventional sewage treatment systems.

Many homeowners in Australia and elsewhere do not think of their septic tank very often, as it is buried below the ground and is out of sight.  However, a time will come when it will start to show signs that it needs replacement.

Modern septic tanks use materials such as plastic or concrete and fiberglass in other places. Plastic septic tanks are less priced than the concrete ones, which is why you might opt for this type, without first comparing it to the concrete septic tanks. This sudden and strong desire to save, by spending less money can result in more repair costs eventually, especially if the plastic tank that you purchased is of low quality.

There are several reasons why you should use concrete septic tanks on your property. Here are few:

* The permit application for installing a new or replacement tank is often a simple process, as concrete septic tanks comply with all building regulations, in whatever region you may be residing.

* Concrete tanks are watertight, meaning it is constructed tightly to be impervious to water, thereby reducing the risk of leaks during its lifetime.

* Concrete septic tanks have a larger effluent capacity; will not fill up too quickly and need not be pumped too often.

* This type of tank will never get damaged during the installation process, unlike plastic that can get cracked.

* Concrete tanks never collapse, even if pumping is done numerous times. These are very durable and guaranteed to last for many decades.

* Concrete tanks will not rust and are not likely to be affected by “floating “or buoyancy issues as in plastic tanks.

* Concrete septic tanks are non-toxic, being made of natural materials.

If you are thinking of installing a concrete septic tank in your home, consult with the experts of Ecoseptic in New South Wales. Our services cover the Regions; North and Mid North Coast, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, Riverina, Snowy Mountains, Laguna, Batemans Bay, Narooma, Mallacoota, Nowra, Bermagui, Cobargo, Mogo, Moruya, Balmoral and Glenn Innes and surrounding areas.

We have different models of septic tanks that include the Econocycle Twin Tank system, the Eco Pro and Econo Executive range. The first model is a bit bigger than the other two. Additionally, it has enhanced aeration and septic capacities.

Our specialists who will be checking the septic tanks regularly for any clogs or leaks and will also handle the maintenance of the septic tank. Each of our tank units comes fitted with an alarm, signifying that it needs a checkup. When this happens, you simply get in touch with us and our team of experts will come to you immediately to address any issue.

Therefore, whether you are installing a new tank, or you are replacing your old tank or whether your tank is showing issues, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached as follows:

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