Make Sure You Have The Right Wastewater Tank Or System For Your Home?

There are generally five options available for onsite sewage management.

Septic Tank

This type of tank is a passive system which normally gravity feeds to an absorption trench requires no regular servicing or power to run. Sludge will need to be pumped out every 3-5 years depending on use.

Collection Well

Collection Wells mostly require a high-water alarm, if a high-water alarm is fitted, power will be required and pumped out a regular basis e.g., weekly, or fortnightly depending on effluent load.

Pump Out Combo

Wastewater TankThis is a combination of Septic Tank and Collection Well, which generally require a high-water alarm, if a high-water alarm is fitted power will be required, sludge stays in the Septic Tank and liquid waste flows into the Collection Well. With a regular pump out, e.g., weekly, or fortnightly, sludge is pumped out every three to five years depending effluent load.

AWTS (Aerated Wastewater Treatment System)

Effluent is treated within the system, treated wastewater is pumped to a Land Application Area also known as an effluent disposal area. These systems require power and regular servicing in accordance with Heath, EPA, Council regulations and any other Government guidelines.

Pump Wells

There are many applications that a Pump Well can be used for, the main one is with grinder pump/s that pump to sewer or AWTS require power and most will also need a high-water alarm.

Domestic Treatment Plants

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