How Can We Reduce Wastewater At Home?

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of most people’s minds, with 90% of Australians citing they want more sustainable products from manufacturers. However, have you ever considered how to reduce waste at home to support your sustainable living?

Reducing the amount of water you use can minimise your utility bill as well as your environmental footprint.

Let us explore five ways you can reduce your wastewater at home and minimise your environmental impact. Read on to find out more.

Repurpose unused drinking water

It’s a daily habit to throw away half-empty water glasses and refill our bottles with fresh water. Although, these seemingly small amounts of drinking water accumulate to litres of unnecessary waste each week. Use leftover drinking water for your household plants, to wash utensils, or wash vegetables instead. In making a small habit change to repurpose your unused drinking water, you can minimise your wastewater.

Save cooking water

WastewaterWe often throw water used to cook pasta or wash vegetables straight down the drain. This cooking water is ideally suited to many other jobs, so why not start collecting it in a bowl or bucket. You can use this water to water plants, mop floors, or for flushing the toilet. With so many other uses, you’ll be saving your cooking water in no time.

Use a shower bucket

While showering typically uses less water than taking a bath, it’s surprising how much water we waste while standing in the shower. Next time you shower, take a bucket with you to gather the excess water, and you’ll find yourself surprised by the amount you collect. This strategy will help increase your awareness of each shower’s environmental impact and give you plenty of water to repurpose around the house.

Collect rainwater

Gardening is a great way to promote local flora, fauna, and wildlife at home and reduce your carbon footprint by growing vegetables at home. However, using a hosepipe to water your plants wastes unnecessary water. Start collecting rainwater in your garden to use when watering instead, minimising the amount of water you use in your household.

Install a wastewater treatment system

If you’re serious about reducing your environmental impact and becoming a self-sufficient home, then installing an aerated wastewater treatment system or AWTS is a fantastic option. An AWTS removes the contaminants from wastewater and converts them into usable, safe water that you can return to your property’s water cycle. It’s an ideal solution for areas without access to the central sewer system, ensuring your water is clean and safe.

At Eco-Septic, we can install aerated wastewater treatment systems made from reinforced concrete that can process 10,000 litres each day. These systems allow you to use water twice and significantly decrease your wastewater.

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