What Is The Difference Between Sewage And Refuse?

When you’re dealing with waste, you might get confused by some of the terminology being used. After all, you want to make sure that everything you dispose of is going to the right place, and you’re not causing damage to the environment by disposing of your waste incorrectly. Read on to find out what the differences are between sewage and refuse, and how you can deal with them appropriately to protect the environment around you.

What are the key differences?

The key difference between sewage and refuse is the state that it is in. Sewage is liquid waste, where refuse will tend to be solids such as household waste, leaves, or even dead animals. Sewage, of course, involves liquid waste from toilets, kitchen waste, or water that is left over after laundry. This fundamental difference means that sewage treatment is a completely different task to refuse collection and isn’t one that you can expect a bin man to do on a day-to-day basis.

How can I deal with sewage at home?

Sewage TreatmentYou might already know exactly how to deal with refuse, who needs to pick it up, and likely where it goes once, you’re finished with it. The process is far more visible than that of sewage, which can be a little more obscure. You can make the sewage treatment process much simpler for utility companies with ease, by installing a home sewage treatment plant. These plants can help you to take control of your waste purification processes, treating all of the wastewater that is produced on your property naturally and in a highly sustainable manner.

Who can be helped by a home treatment plant?

Home treatment plants are primarily advisable for people that live in relatively remote areas. For example, somebody that lives on a ranch in the outback isn’t necessarily going to have the same effective and reliable plumbing that someone in downtown Sydney does. It’s in these cases that a home sewage treatment system is vital. Without one it can be easy to have a septic tank build up over time and is quite the eyesore. Home sewage treatment could even be a solution for someone living in a town that deals with poor sewage planning. You can deal with your sewage effectively without having to deal with poor waste management on the part of the local government.

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