Looking for a Grey Water Waste Pump

A wastewater treatment plant refers to a system, where household wastes are received, stored, treated, and disposed of properly. Liquid wastes that come from showers, basins, baths and washing machines are called grey water and they are usually piped to a settlement tank, surge tank or a septic tank. The liquid wastes coming from the toilet are called dark water.

Out here, let us talk about grey water, its treatment system and the pumps. When it comes to wastewater treatment systems, we are not just talking about a septic tank, but we also refer to the accompanying pipes, drains, fittings, percolation areas, hoses and grey water wastewater pump, which ensures that the grey water is correctly treated and discharged.

The settlement tank should be suitable for holding the initial surge of water; but it should not store water for longer than 24 hours, untreated. After this time, the water starts to smell. The tank should be completely emptied, every time the grey water is dispersed to the irrigation or treatment system.

You’ll need a grey water wastewater pump, regardless of whether you have a domestic, commercial or industrial system. Its purpose is to push the liquid waste and speed up the flow in the pipe when grey water needs to be transported to a higher location. For example, if the yard where the treatment plant stands is sloped uphill, you will need to pump grey water in an ascending direction. It’s the same, when the yard is flat, you will need to use the pump to push the liquid waste.

The grey water treatment system improves the quality of water from showers, laundry, wash basins and baths, to a level that it becomes safe for use in toilet flushing, doing the laundry or washing the car or pathways.

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This pump can not only be used to bring grey water to the treatment plant, if you intend to bring used water from your washing machine and bathroom directly to the garden, without having it treated, a grey water wastewater pump can function as a diversion device. The pump can get water to all parts of your garden, mainly when gravity is not in your favour. For this purpose, though, you will need a power source or to install a power supply.

The difference between a storage tank or a rainwater tank and a grey water system is that you cannot use the settlement tank, to build up the volume of water. You use the pump; to discharge the water immediately, every time the tank gets filled.

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