What Are The Advantages Of Rainwater Tanks?

Whilst most people are pretty clear that rainwater tanks can be used to conserve rainwater, thus reducing water consumption from other sources, using rainwater tanks also has a number of other advantages. Here we take a look at the benefits that rainwater tanks can bring to your lifestyle, as well as discuss ways in which you can get the most from your rainwater tanks.

Improve your lifestyle

Particularly during periods of drought, there are often restrictions on what you can (and can’t) use mains water for. This can make it difficult to carry out everyday activities such as watering the garden, cleaning the car or cleaning decking. Conserved rainwater from a tank is ideal for situations like these. It can be used freely to complete all the tasks that need to be done, but which can’t be completed using mains water when it’s in short supply.

Consistent access to water

Drought and its accompanying restrictions are often cyclical in nature – water may be more freely available during the cooler months, then become scarcer during warmer periods. People with rainwater tanks have access to conserved rainwater throughout the year. Designed to keep evaporation to a minimum and water quality high, a rainwater tank helps to ensure a stable supply of water. Particularly for households that don’t have access to mains water, rainwater can be a valuable backup supply, especially when used alongside wastewater treatment options.

Tailored wastewater solution

Rainwater TanksThere are lots of different rainwater tank configurations available, so it’s always possible to find a setup that’s going to be right for your specific requirements. Wastewater tanks can be installed underground, which means they don’t take up valuable space in the yard or along the wall of a property. The wastewater is pumped to where it’s needed using a quiet, efficient pump mechanism – this lets the system be used in close proximity to the property without any unwanted noise interference.

Using wastewater treatment, the wastewater can be utilized for a wide range of applications – if you want a toilet that’s flushed using wastewater, for example, this can be installed. For users who want to use rainwater for laundry, a pipe from the wastewater tank can be connected to the cold inlet of the washing machine. If you want to use wastewater for cleaning the car or watering the garden, an outside tap can be installed.

With so many options available, every household can end up with a wastewater solution that’s right for their needs.

Rainwater tanks offer a one-stop wastewater solution

When you work with the team at Eco-Septic, you’re enlisting the help of highly experienced wastewater specialists who can provide a complete start-to-finish solution for all your wastewater requirements. From an initial assessment and discussion of your needs through to preparatory work, installation and post-installation inspection and maintenance, the Eco-Septic professionals can provide customised rainwater tanks that offer an effective wastewater answer.

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