Why do you need a Pump Well for a Septic Tank?

Pump wells, often referred to as pump stations are coverings that contain a small electrical water pump that can be immersed in wastewater. Sometimes, the septic tank pumps and its encasement are used collectively as pump wells.

If you are wondering why they are necessary, it is important to consider that gravity alone is not enough for the liquid waste to go where it should or when a certain level of flow rate needs to be achieved.

A septic tank pump is what you use, when you need to push the effluent from the sewage treatment plant or a septic tank, up to an elevated level. This may be needed, if the filtering area or soak away in which wastewater drains is in a higher position. Another reason for the pump well requirement is when the disposal location of the effluent is located toward a higher point of the septic tank outlet, so that the effluent is not able to flow there by gravity alone, it needs to be pumped.

Water that has been used in your home or commercial property is collected into a tank and needs to be transported to the wastewater treatment plant for treatment, before it is discharged to the environment. During the transport, the flow may slow down. If there is a blockage, it may become impossible for the liquid waste to reach the treatment plant. This is where the pump well can be helpful.

If you need a pump well to help gravity in pushing the wastewater from your septic tank, Eco-Septic supplies and installs pump wells. In fact, we have two models that you can choose from:

The Econo 1000 as the name suggests, is a 1000 litre pump well that you can use in grey water, storm water and sewage. This underground tank is heavy duty and can be purchased with or without your defined pump.

The Econo 500 performs the same duties as the Econo 1000 and the difference is their capacities. The Econo 500’s inlet and outlet positions can be adjusted, so it will not need a riser in many instances, as the Econo 1000 does. At any rate, Eco-Septic has a range of risers available, in case you need it.

Whatever type of pump well you need, you can be sure that our units are lightweight and durable, because they are made from the highest quality materials. They are Australian made and manufactured. They are also easily installed, and our pump wells have been designed, to handle the flow of wastewater on a daily basis.

Pump Well

If the pump cannot perform at its optimum, there is a chance that the water level can rise. Before the blocking up or overflow happens, the float switch is activated, so the alarm sounds and the beacon flashes and you get an advance warning that you have a pump failure. This warning allows you to take immediate action.

To prevent pump well failures, this unit should be taken care of very well, like what you do, with other devices and appliances. It requires regular maintenance, and we can also help in that area.

Contact us for a fast quote or if you need help in deciding which pump well will serve you application, please call us on 1800 808 135 or visit us at www.ecoseptic.com.au, if you want to learn more.

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