If your local area is not serviced by a municipal sewage system, you get an advantage in using wastewater solutions, by utilising a aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) to treat your household wastes. It not only allows you to reuse the treated water for various purposes around the house, but your dependence on town or local water is reduced. Your monthly water bill gets slashed, so you get the monetary benefits; while preserving your landscape and protecting the environment. 

Ecoseptic is a specialist when we speak of aerated wastewater treatment systems and they cover all services from the installation, servicing, repair and maintenance of the system. Our more than 30 years of experience in this business; provides the knowledge and the skill to allow us to offer you everything you need to know about sewage systems.

With all the benefits that you can get from your AWTS, it is recommended that the system be given regular maintenance and servicing. This type of wastewater treatment system is more complex than the septic tank and thus it needs to be maintained frequently. Sometimes, power disruptions that interrupt the process can result in pump burn out and system failure. Regular servicing will make sure that your aerated wastewater treatment system operates to its optimal performance.

aerated wastewater treatment

The system is like your motor vehicle in that it needs to be serviced regularly , and it’s mandated by NSW Health. All home owners with AWTS installations must have a scheduled servicing, every 3 months or on a quarterly basis. Regular checkup and servicing will assure you that your system is running the way it should run and that the water it produces is safe for your garden and irrigation.

Each member of the Ecoseptic team is among the most reliable wastewater professional that you can find anywhere in NSW and across Australia. We are an Australian business and manufacturer and whenever we are given the opportunity, we always work hard to find the best and most cost-effective solutions for your aerated wastewater treatment system needs.

We can help you maintain a compliant and consistent maintenance schedule for your system. Our people are qualified to service different brands of aerated wastewater treatment system installations, as well as the septic system that we supply ourselves. We provide a comprehensive maintenance process, meaning it is complete; with all its elements and aspects needed. When we are called to book a service, our people will check everything, from the chlorinator to the irrigation pumps, the hose links and connections, pump, everything including the water itself is tested. Our process is easy, smooth and thorough and our focus is always on quality and performance.

If you would like us to conduct the quarterly maintenance of your AWTS or you are just planning to install a system in your property, call us for a fast quote. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Once we have started the servicing, you won’t be bothered by any issues regarding repairs. Our service vehicles are stocked with spare parts, so that we can perform the simple fixes in a very short period.

aerated wastewater

Call us on 1800 808 135 or visit us at www.ecoseptic.com.au

Our services cover the regions of South Coast, Mallacoota, Southern Highlands, Narooma, Snowy Mountains, Laguna, Riverina, Bateman’s Bay, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, Nowra, Balmoral, Glenn Ines, the nearby areas, North and Mid North Coast, Cobargo in NSW and all major rural and remote areas across the country serviced via our distributors and agents.

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