Oakville Dual Maxi 15 Series
Wastewater Treatment

Maxi Series Range

Maxi Series Range Our maxi series is an upscaled version of our Econocycle System and is both recommended and suitable in situations where large amounts

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Commercial Wastewater System
Commercial Wastewater Systems

What Is Commercial Wastewater?

What Is Commercial Wastewater? When discussing wastewater, there are several types – blackwater and greywater. Blackwater refers to water that originates from toilet fixtures, dishwashers,

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Aerated Wastewater Treatment System
Wastewater Treatment

Why Is Wastewater Aerated?

Why Is Wastewater Aerated? Aeration is the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with, or dissolved in a liquid. So why is this

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Septic Tank
Septic Tanks

How Do Septic Tanks Work?

How Do Septic Tanks Work? Often we see septic tanks – large, commonly cylinder-shaped objects placed strategically to the side or back of properties, but

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Tank Installation
Wastewater Treatment

What is Wastewater Treatment Plant?

What is Wastewater Treatment Plant?? Wastewater treatment plant is a system designed to purify wastewater from impurities by using different biological, physical and chemical processes.

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