What is Wastewater Treatment Plant??

Wastewater treatment plant is a system designed to purify wastewater from impurities by using different biological, physical and chemical processes. This includes removing bacteria and physical impurities from the water.

The main objective of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is to get rid of the contaminants to make the water usable.

In short Wastewater treatment is the process of purifying wastewater that is no longer needed in future. Wastewater contains toxins, chemicals and other bacteria. The treatment plant will remove these bacteria’s & will make water safe for the environment.

Types of Wastewater Treatment Plants:

Generally, there are two types of Wastewater treatment Plants, One is Chemical/Physical Treatment Plant, and other is Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant will Use Biological matter & Bacteria to convert down waste matter. On the other hand, Physical treatment Wastewater Treatment Plant will Use Chemical reactions & physical Processes to purify the water from impurities.

While Biological Wastewater Treatment System is the perfect choice for Treating Wastewater from Business Premises & Households, physical Treatment system generally used in Factories, Industries and in Manufacturing Organizations.

Wastewater Treatment Process:

Collection of Wastewater

The First step of Wastewater Treatment process is Collection of Wastewater. Collection systems are installed by house owners and Municipal administration to make sure that all Wastewater is collected and moved to a central point.

Odour Control

As far as Treatment plant is concerned, Odour Controlling Mechanism is Important, because Wastewater contains a lot of Bacteria, Dirty substances will cause foul smell Overtime. To make sure that environment and surrounding area is free from that foul smell, Odour treatment Processes will play vital Role at the treatment Plant.


This is the third step in the Wastewater Treatment Process; Screening Process will remove large objects. For example, Cotton Buds, nappies, Plastics, Diapers, face Wipes or Bottle tops that may damage the Equipment. Especially Designed User-Friendly system will do the Screening Stuff.

Primary treatment

The Primary treatment will play a vital role in the separation of Macrobiotic solid matter from the Wastewater.

Secondary Treatment

The Secondary Treatment is also called Activated Sludge Process because it will add seed sludge to the Wastewater to make sure that it is broken down further.

Importance of Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment process is one of the essential methods as far as saving the environment is concerned. It is something that must be encouraged Worldwide. Treating Wastewater will keep us safe & healthy and will help in minimizing water Pollution. After Treatment of Wastewater, the water is ready to use in cooling machines and industries. It will also minimize the demand of Freshwater, thereby in a way; Wastewater Treatment will save water.

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