What is the Best Wastewater Treatment System?

Wastewater is water that has been polluted by human activities in a home and industrial plant. Because this water contains impurities, it must undergo some type of treatment as a rule. When wastewater is not treated properly, before it is discharged, there is a chance that it could do damage to the environment, human health, and your business.

When this happens, your facility may become subject to heavy fines and possible legal action. The best wastewater treatment system will keep you away from such penalties that may be costly. Some factors need to be considered before you can select the most suitable treatment system, including the distinctive nature of your production facility and the council regulatory requirements of wastewater discharge.

Eco-Septic offers a system of treating wastewater that aims to improve its quality and make it appropriate for some other use, such as for watering your gardens and lawns, agriculture, water supply for industries, washing and cleaning. This system is called the Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS). The functioning of a septic tank is totally different. The AWTS, on the other hand, is a system wherein the wastewater is treated with oxygen, to allow the bacteria to quickly disintegrate the solid kind of waste.

This is how AWTS work. Wastewater is treated to a standard, which is higher than the treatment offered by septic tanks and composting toilets. This is called the secondary standard and the effluent resulting from this method can be used for irrigation and as described above.

The AWTS tank has several compartments: the first is where the solids sink to the lowermost part of this compartment and the scum is left at the surface. Then the wastewater that is partly cleared of suspended matter, flows to a second compartment, here the liquid waste will be mixed with air, to further break down the solids.

In the third compartment, solids are further settled and in the final compartment chlorination takes place. The treated effluent is then pumped away to a dedicated area or be disposed of through other methods, such as absorption trenches.

To purify wastewater to a tertiary standard and instead of chlorination, we use membrane filters and UV disinfection. Without chlorination, the effluent is better for irrigation. This is called advanced AWTS and it is exactly what Eco-Septic does and this has made us a popular supplier for many years to several industries, commercial complexes and homeowners in Australia.

Wastewater Treatment System

We have tanks that are ideal for a household, with 7.000 litres capacity. However, we also can provide tanks of various sizes and capacities. It all depends on the number of people who live in your household. Our system offers superior and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment processes. In this system, your wastewater is digested by naturally occurring bacteria.

Besides being friendly to the environment, the Aerated Wastewater Treatment System, allows you to save money on your monthly water bills. This means that you will be paying your water consumption and at the same time use the treated water for another purpose.

Contact us if you are thinking of upgrading or replacing your current system with our AWTS. Please call us at 1800 808 135 or visit us at www.ecoseptic.com.au. Eco-Septic is a Sydney based manufacturer and specialises in commercial wastewater systems of various shapes and designs. We can provide fast and free quotes relevant to your commercial wastewater needs, all while keeping in mind individual spending capabilities.

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