What Is Considered Commercial Wastewater?

Wastewater is used water, a by-product of a household, commercial and industrial processes, which are classified into two types – domestic and commercial/industrial. Domestic wastewater is generated by activities, such as bathing, bathroom usage, laundry, cooking, dish washing and more. Commercial wastewater is the by-product of non-domestic activities – beauty salons, auto repair shops, restaurants, industrial manufacturing industries like wineries and many other types of industries.

Commercial wastewater is produced during various processes in a series of mechanical and chemical operations, in industrial and commercial plants. Usually, it consists of water that has been used in cleaning work. In general, wastewater has different compositions depending on the type of industry or commercial business; and the organic materials that it contains are hazardous, hence special treatment or disposal is required.

Eco-Septic is a leader in commercial wastewater treatment systems in Australia and we have taken on multiple projects in regions that do not have connection to sewer lines. With our wastewater treatment plants, we make it possible for housing, factories, schools, and other commercial projects to be developed and erected in areas that are miles away from the sewer facilities. People, therefore, can reside and find work in places that are remote from main centres of population.

The characteristics of commercial wastewater, differ remarkably in nature. This is the reason why we match your project requirement with the right treatment system. We also ensure we consider your guidelines and specifications, during every step of the project.

The commercial wastewater treatment system by Eco-Septic can be applied to various business, such as hotels, schools, motor ways, sports clubs, guest houses, caravan parks, service stations, housing developments, restaurants, nursery homes, mixed use developments, industrial units and many more.

Commercial Wastewater

In the previous years, off-main drainage depended only on septic tanks, which have as low as 20% treatment efficiency and cannot be used today, as a stand-alone method. Another way of storing sewage is the cesspit or cesspool and this was an effective system. However, the required emptying is very expensive and difficult to maintain at the current level.

Eco-Septic offers the most cost-effective and efficient solution for commercial wastewater treatment. We design, manufacture and supply a great range of treatment systems. Not only that, but we continue investing in new technologies, so we can provide you with a wastewater treatment system that is cost efficient and provides good quality treated water.

Our system will remove pollutants from the wastewater that are produced by commercial establishments. All wastewater goes directly to the environment, but before it can be done, we will treat it, so that it will not have a negative effect on the environment.

Whether you are a property developer or an owner builder, or a building contractor, you can depend on our expertise, in treating commercial wastewater. We are more than happy to provide you guidance and recommendations, about which treatment option is best for your project. We will be with you from the first stage of planning and design, through to the installation and operation of the system. We also cover of maintenance which completes the whole process.

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