What is an AWTS?

AWTS (Aerated Water Treatment System) is used explicitly for the Treatment of Liquid Wastes and Sewage from a Single Household. It Contains Multiple Chambers that are linked with the surface or irrigation System. An (AWTS) will assist those living in Unsewered Areas to Treat & Utilize all their Wastewater.


For areas where there is no proper sewerage system, AWTS plays a vital role in wastewater treatment. To make sure the wastewater doesn’t spread any diseases in the area, it is essential to treat is using AWTS. It is specially designed to serve the purpose of wastewater treatment to preserve the health of people living in areas without a proper sewer system.

How Does AWTS Work

Wastewater from a Household is treated in Multiple Chambers:

First Chamber

This First Chamber is Just like a Conventional Septic tank (anaerobic). The Wastewater enters the chamber where the solids settle to the bottom & are retained in the tank forming a sludge layer. Scum collects at the Top & Purified Wastewater will flow into a second chamber.

Second Chamber

In the Second Chamber, Wastewater will be mixed with Air to aid Bacteria to Further Treat it by mixing down the waste into small particles.

Third Chamber

As far as the Third Chamber is concerned, it allows clarification via the settling of Solids. These solids will be returned to the Primary tank Via Sludge Return Pump for additional Treatment to the aeration chamber.

Sanitation of Water

The effluent is disinfected from the clarification chamber to the pump out Chamber by Chlorine Tablets. If the system is fitted well with Ultra-Violet Light for Sanitation of Wastewater, It is introduced after the water is pumped to the irrigated area.

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

AWTS (Aerated Water Treatment Systems) and ASTS (Advanced Sewage Treatment Systems) are Secondary Treatment Systems because both are involved in aerobic and anaerobic (With Oxygen) Treatment to a Higher Level than a Primary Treatment system. As far as the Highest Level of Treatment (From ASTS) is concerned, the clarified effluent will be used in non-portable solutions like firefighting, vehicle washing, and to be used in Toilet Flushing.

AWTS Maintenance Requirements

When the AWTS system is installed, the contract is signed between Manufacturers and Buyers as far as AWTS Maintenance is concerned.  Some Manufacturers clarify the Terms and things that their system requires for Maintenance & Service inspection after six months. As far as Inspection of AWTS is concerned, there will be Proper Filters Checking, Pumps & Piping Checking to make sure that the chambers of AWTS System are working appropriately. Aerated System demands Sludge to be pumped out after Few Years, as with Septic Tanks. Many Key Steps are Mandatory for AWTS Maintenance that Owners can carry out by themselves, Like Wash the Outlet Filter, etc.

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