What Is A Pump Station/ Pump Well?

When wastewater tanks are installed, it is not as simple as fixing the tank to a location. Wastewater tanks are complex structures consisting of several different components and functions and for all of the functionalities to operate optimally, a pump station or pump well may be necessary.

When wastewater is purified for reuse, sludge is generated. In some cases, upon installation, wastewater tanks can directly access main sewage lines using gravity. That simply means that waste travels through pipes to meet an existing line or carrier to a sewage plant. What can occur in low-lying areas or on properties deemed too steep or too flat, is that gravity does not allow for waste to move. In such a case, a pump station or pump well is installed and created.

A large tank, otherwise known as a wet well, is installed underground and serves as the pump well. Private waste is driven into the wet well where it accumulates until it exceeds a predetermined amount (each tank is different). Once the limit has been met, a pump will be activated which pressurises the waste so that it is able to travel uphill to meet the main line or carrier. While gravity is preferred, it does not make pump wells less effective.

Septic PumpWell

What are some advantages of pump wells?

  • A pump well can be a cheaper option, as construction costs are minimal.
  • Blockages are uncommon.
  • Pump wells come fitted with remote monitoring systems, allowing you to remain informed of the status of your tank.
  • Sewage pumping systems are fitted with alarms which alert you to problems within the system, minimising the risk of sewage overflow.
  • Sewage is pumped automatically, therefore eliminating the risk of human health problems.
  • Pumps are available in different sizes to suit domestic or commercial applications.

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