What are the different types of Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems?

For businesses that produce wastewater, as part of its operations, it is important that they adapt some type of treatment system. This is to ensure that the discharge rules enforced by the authorities and all safety precautions are met. This process will help the facility from doing harm to the health of the environment and people.

ECO-SEPTIC is an industry leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of well renowned commercial wastewater treatment systems that are appropriate for your commercial establishment. We can deliver to you; Australian made products with the latest technologies when it comes to operational benefits and environmental outcomes.

You can choose from two types of ECO-SEPTIC wastewater treatment plants – the Commercial Wastewater Treatment or the Septic System and the AWTS.

Our commercial wastewater treatment systems are large-scale treatment plants, with the ability to deal with wastewater and sewage from factories, hotels, schools, caravan parks and other commercial developments. They are designed for reuse; such as irrigation and industrial purposes or for safe discharge to the environment. 

This treatment system is usually required in establishments that are not connected to the main sewer. These are situations; where a commercial septic system is the only viable procedure in treating the wastewater and sewage coming from the development site.

A commercial wastewater treatment system or a septic system works similar to a smaller domestic treatment plant. Heavy solids, such as cans and bottles are removed in the preliminary settlement concrete tans. In the primary stage, the suspended solids are percolated at the bottom, to create a sludge. Then biological microorganisms are used to consume most of the organic matter in the secondary stage. The tertiary stage disinfects the wastewater.

The second type of wastewater treatment for business and commercial developments is the AWTS, or the Aerated Wastewater Treatment System. This unit is a purpose-built system; consisting of a sequence of treatment chambers; integrated with the irrigation system. 

Wastewater from a commercial premise and single or multiple dwellings is treated in various stages in several separate chambers. The 1st chamber resembles a typical septic tank. The 2nd chamber is where aeration takes place, by injecting air into the wastewater. The 3rd chamber allows further clarification.

If you are choosing either the AWTS or the septic system as your commercial wastewater treatment system, we would like to meet with you onsite, so that we can talk about your system requirements, as well as the application process. The ECO-SEPTIC experts will handle everything from design, selecting the right product for your commercial property, installation, maintenance, and servicing.

ECO-SEPTIC has a long experience (over 30 years); in the custom design and manufacture of wastewater treatment plants and we have the most professional team in our workforce. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, for any questions that you want answered and we will walk you through every stage of the treatment process. We will help you develop the proper solution for your wastewater treatment system needs. Contact us for a fast quote on 1800 808 135

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