How Does a Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Work?

In many parts of Australia people have been experiencing times of low; to no rainfall and it has become essential for them to make practical and effective use of water. Installing a wastewater treatment system; will allow you to utilise water in your home twice and be able to help the environment, your water costs, and your garden.

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If you are one of those people, who have never installed a wastewater treatment system before and do not know what steps to take, you can help from companies like Eco-Septic. We are experts in the manufacture, supply and maintenance of reliable treatment systems, which is why we can confidently offer you the best solutions for your wastewater needs. Better still they are an Australian based company manufacturing their product right here in Australia.

Installing a wastewater treatment system in your home, the sewage and grey water provides several advantages besides keeping the lawn growing the whole year. Here are a few:

*  Providing solution to water shortage issues – We use technologies that can treat and recycle water.

*  Helping the environment – Our system can improve the bodies of water and soils; into which it is released.

*  Lower operation costs – The costs of treating and recycling wastewater is much more affordable, than using fresh water.

*  Minimise the risks of pollution – Releasing untreated wastewater into bodies of water; pollutes our oceans, rivers and lakes; so the quality of water becomes progressively worse.


Wastewater treatment systems by Ecoseptic is the best and only way to avoid water shortages and pollution in the future.

With Ecoseptic, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are licensed, qualified and experienced professionals, so you are assured that the job will be done right the first time. We have been doing this daily; since day one, so we have already developed a team of experts, who you can rely on, for every step of the wastewater treatment system process. Trust that we can handle everything – from plans to council requirement, which includes documentation, to installation from the start to finish. With us working together, you don’t have to worry about anything, and we can make the process hassle free.

Our treatment facilities are acquiescent, with environmental and health standards. We assure you that our system will meet the quality standards; that is essential and mandatory for treated wastewater.

If you’re wondering what type of system is best for you or you just want to know if your present system is working properly, simply call one of our friendly and accommodating wastewater experts.  Speak to industry professionals like us, about your property and your plans and the specific requirements to start your wastewater project.

Our specialist plumbers are waiting for you to contact us for a fast quote or book a service call on 1800 808 135. Once they’ve given you expert advice and recommendations, we promise to make sure that the system that you choose; meets your household’s needs, today and in the future.


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We cover the regions of Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, North and Mid North Coast, Snowy Mountains, Southern Highlands, Riverina, Nowra, South Coast, Narooma, Moruya, Bateman’s Bay, Laguna, Cobargo, Mallacoota, Balmoral, Glenn Ines, Mogo and surrounding areas.