What are septic pump wells and how do they work?

If you’re looking at purchasing a septic tank, it’s crucial that you understand the different types of tanks and pieces of equipment. This will help you avoid costly issues and keep your septic system running smoothly. Today’s blog post is focused on septic pump wells, how they work and when you might need one.

What is a septic tank?

A regular septic tank functions by collecting wastewater from domestic or commercial spaces within a tank. The solids (or sludge) will sink to the bottom and the oils/fats (or scum) rise to the top. Due to the shape of the tank, these will not leave the holding tank. The remaining liquid will then exit the tank into the drain field, which is an excavated area.

This water will be filtered by the soil and reenter the groundwater. This liquid can also be stored and then sent to a wastewater treatment facility, treated, and then reenters the water system. These are undoubtedly incredible systems, but sometimes they won’t meet your needs.

Why get a septic pump well rather than a regular septic tank?

Pump wells come into play when your area or needs are not right for a traditional septic tank system. If your tank requires a higher amount of pressure to discharge the liquid, pump wells are an excellent option. They also may be useful if your tank must work against gravity to push the liquid elsewhere.

They work by detecting when the liquid contained in the tank/s has reached a certain level. They then activate a pump to draw the water upwards and into the next stage of the water treatment process. This means the tank can be lower than the collection systems for the water, making them a convenient option for some people.

Things to remember

Commercial Wastewater SystemSeptic tank wells will need regular maintenance, as with any other septic system. Particulates settling at the bottom will force the pump to work under pressure and reduce the lifespan of your tank. They are, however, suitable for commercial and domestic use, and can handle stormwater, greywater and sewerage.

We sell 2 different sizes of pump well depending on your personal needs. The smaller Econo 500 has no need for risers, and can be adjusted to suit your pipes.

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