Sewage Treatment System for Domestic Use

Sewage is the wastewater that contains both liquid and solid wastes produced with activities from man’s basic necessities, like bathing, toilet flushing, laundry, dishwashing and so on.

Sewage water is a composite mixture of suspended solids, nutrients, inorganic and organic impurities, disease causing microbes and bacteria. So, sewage must be treated, before being discharged into the rivers and seas, so that it doesn’t become dangerous for human and aquatic life.

If your home is not connected to the mains drainage, you must have another reliable possibility for your domestic sanitation.

Eco-Septic has more than 30 years’ experience, producing high quality home sewage treatment packages that are ideal for domestic use. Our sewage treatment plants for residential properties have compact design that cause minimal disruptions, when installation is done. Additionally, installing the system below ground means low visual impact, no odours and the least noise output, which is just ideal for homeowners.

Our home sewage treatment system has the following main steps:

  • Screening

Wastewater is skimmed through bar screens, where sticks, napkins, cans, other visibly large objects and plastic packets are removed.

  • Grit and Sand Removal

Water is passed slowly through a sand and grit removal tank, where pebbles, sand and grit settle down. Water then moves to another tank, in which the solids settle at the bottom and this is removed with a scraper and the solids, which float are removed by skimmer. The sludge then goes to a separate tank, where it is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria and produce bio gas.

  • Aeration

Air gets pumped into the elucidated water, to allow anaerobic bacteria to breed and consume the unwanted matter that are still present in the clarified water. Water then goes to another sedimentation tank from the aeration tank. Here, the microbes settle down, as galvanized sludge and then this water is removed. Sand drying machines remove the activated sludge.

Sewage Treatment SystemThe residential sewage treatment plant process being implemented by Eco-Septic is natural and biological, which means there is no need for chemicals. So, your maintenance cost is kept to a minimum. The company works to the highest safety, health, environment and quality standards that has earned it a well-deserved reputation. We also make certain that our sewage treatment plant system is designed; to meet, if not exceed all current and proposed discharge standards, enforced by regulatory bodies.

When you’re selling a property that directly discharges into the surface water, you need to consider the option of switching to a packaged wastewater treatment plant. This is also true, when you’re upgrading an “end of life” septic tank.

All sewage treatment plants by Eco-Septic are different from the traditional septic tanks, in that our systems are designed with an aerated process to adapt for increased volume of water usage every day.

Our team of wastewater treatment experts pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service, including after sales services for the purpose of building long term and mutual relationships with our clients.

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