How to Remove Grey Water?

Every home has grey water. This is the liquid waste that has been used in the home. Each time you take a bath, use your kitchen or laundry appliances, you are producing wastewater that is referred to as grey water. Simply put, this is water that shouldn’t all go down the drain into the sewage. There are ways to get rid of grey water that can provide additional use and benefits.

It is estimated that an Australian family of four uses an average of 1500 litres of water every day. By having your grey water repurposed, you can minimise the amount of water being used by your household and at the same time you can save money on utility bills. The typical method of getting rid of grey water is just letting it swirl down the drain.

Instead, you can treat the grey water and re-use it. An efficient method of grey water disposal is using residential grey water treatment system. This system connects to your household appliances, as well as your irrigation system. Every time grey water is produced, the unit collects and filters the water, to remove all impurities.

Eco-Septic has been in the wastewater treatment industry for more than 30 years. We have serviced many households in the NSW region by designing, manufacturing, and installing different types of water treatment systems, including grey water systems. We also perform servicing and maintenance of your equipment after installation.

Grey water goes through three stages of purification:

  1. Elimination of materials that are not desirable, such as fine fibres (lint) and hair strands.
  2. Removing disease-causing chemicals (salts and nutrients), through use of either chemicals or microorganisms.
  3. Disinfection by ultraviolet light

Grey WaterRainfall may not be abundant in certain parts of Australia, which is why re-using water is important. Some residents choose to install rainwater tanks and you can use grey water treatment system. Both options will allow you to preserve valuable drinking water and you can water your plants with the recycled water. Besides this, you also reap other benefits such as:

  • you can do your share in protecting the environment, as the amount of wastewater that you release to it is minimised.
  • you can save money on your water bills.
  • you can water your garden well, even when there are water restrictions or drought. This gives you a healthy garden.
  • you can reduce the load on your septic tank, as well as the water ways.

Even if you are connected to a mains water supply, using a grey water treatment system will give provide you with many advantages. In fact, you can save more, if you install a treatment system for grey water, while your home is undergoing a major renovation or it is currently being built.

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