How to Maintain a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is part of your on-site wastewater system facility. It is common in rural areas, where access to a municipal sewer system is not obtainable and also not practical economically. The septic system is hidden from sight and if properly maintained, is odorless and could last you for many years.  Also, you need to observe a few simple rules, to make your septic system provide you a trouble-free service. For example, you should not throw solids into the toilet, because it will clog the drain.

Your wastewater system contains a septic tank that holds the accumulated solid waste and scum. It also contains a drain field, which is also referred to as leach field, where wastewater passes on, as it exits the septic tank. When the drain field gets inundated with wastewater, this can lead to a sewage backup, which is not a good sign, as it can create a mess and a lot of work cleaning up.

It is important that your septic tank is cleaned and pumped by a professional every -one to three years. However, if you are in a region with cooler temperatures that restrain bacterial action and does not allow full decomposition of the solids in the sewage, your tank needs to be pumped more often. Factors such as the size of the tank, the size of your household, the volume of wastewater and how many solids go into it, dictate how often you should have your septic tank pumped.

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