How to care for your septic tank system

Septic tank systems are an integral part of many homes all across Australia. Taking care of all of your waste and limiting your environmental impact, a septic tank is a simple way of controlling your wastewater systems and benefiting the environment. That’s why looking after your septic tank system is so important to ensure long term efficiency. Read on to find out more about how to care for your septic tank system and make the most of your waste removal services.

Dispose of the right things

Septic Tank SystemThe first step in looking after your septic tank system is making sure you dispose of the right things in them. Some people use their tanks in the wrong way, disposing of things such as sanitary pads and even simply using their toilet as a bin. The septic tank system is not designed for these specific challenges, which leaves your septic tank clogged up and without proper flow. Putting the right things in your septic tank system means you limit problems further down the line.

Reduce your water usage

Any water you use in your property flows into your septic tank. This is because in most homes it flows away to the sewer, where in these cases the septic tank takes over. This means that, in order to look after your septic tank, limiting water usage is an effective tactic. This means taking fewer baths and focusing on showers instead, washing up dishes by hand and a range of other conservation tactics. These reduce wear on the tank and you reach capacity more slowly.

Use the right cleaning chemicals

As cleaning chemicals enter your sink, they travel through the pipes and end up in your septic tank, decreasing its effectiveness. The septic tank plays a key role in breaking down waste using bacteria, allowing your tank to hold more. Toxic chemicals kill this bacteria, limiting the effectiveness of the tank in breaking down waste. Using friendly cleaning chemicals is key for better septic tank use.

Empty your tank regularly

If you think your tank is filling up, it is easy to leave it for tomorrow and put off the all-important task of emptying out your tank. However, this is one of the worst things you can do for the health of your system. Without regular clearance, you’re putting unnecessary strain on your septic tank. Get your tank emptied as soon as possible in order to ensure that it’s working as effectively as possible, avoiding wasted efficiency and preventing any further damage from being done.

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