How Often Should Pump Wells Cycle?

If the pipes in the wastewater treatment plant on your property are having a hard time carrying the liquid waste from domestic and commercial buildings to the main sewer, then you will need pump wells to help.

Pump wells are an encasement for wastewater centrifugal pumps that are engineered to pump flows from downhill to uphill, allowing for continuous treatment of the wastewater, within the plant. This is particularly applicable in low lying areas, where the network of pipes cannot rely on gravity alone, to carry the water to the main sewer, hence the liquid waste needs to be pushed upwards. Pump wells are devices that consist of a pumping station, along with a large tank called the wet well, where sewage from a group of building flows.

The sewage stays on the wet well and once it has reached a predetermined level, the pump will turn on, causing the wastewater to travel uphill to the main sewer and the treatment process happens.


If you’re in the market for pump wells, for your wastewater treatment plant, then Eco Septic can help, a leading supplier of technologies involving wastewater treatment systems and pump wells.

At Eco Septic, you can have a choice of our two models – Econo 500 and Econo 1000. They differ only in capacity, but both are suitable to any brand of pump that you may want. These pump wells are manufactured in compliance with Australian standards and so are highly reliable besides being cost efficient.

However, as in other machinery, pump wells need to be operated with care and properly maintained, so that they can continue to function at their optimum and therefore operate over a long period of time. Maintenance should always be a part of any device like the pump wells because they are forced to work hard by the organic matter found in the wastewater. This can also result in wear and tear in some of the pump components.

Pump WellEco Septic has the best maintenance technicians to handle the care of your pump wells. Thy are an experienced team, who are aware of the operation of the pump station and how often the pump well should be run, depends on the amount of sewage that needs to be transported to the main sewage. Normally the pump wells should be operated at approximately 1,500 hours per year.

Eco Septic is involved not only in the supply of pump wells, but also in the design and installation of domestic and commercial wastewater treatment plants. Our products are available in a variety of options that suit your requirements, regardless of where you live.

Eco-Septic is a Sydney based manufacturer and specialises in commercial wastewater systems of various shapes and designs. We can provide fast and free quotes relevant to your commercial wastewater needs, all while keeping in mind individual spending capabilities.

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