How Much Wastewater Does A House Produce?

Wastewater (also known as greywater) within a domestic setting refers to water wasted in a household.

In an increasingly environmentally aware world, there have been calls to minimise the amount of water that is used daily by households, as this is will help to cut down on water wastage throughout Australia. This can be achieved by installing some of Eco Septic’s domestic wastewater systems within the home, but before we set about looking at how we can fix wastewater problems, we should take a look at how much wastewater a house produces on average.

How much wastewater does a household produce in Australia?

Studies have shown that in Australia, each person produces around 150-350 litres of wastewater every single day. Now imagine a house that holds a family of four? That’s around 600-1400 litres of water produced each day!

How does a household produce wastewater?

There are a number of sources that produce wastewater, but the most common are:

The bathroom


Within the bathroom, wastewater is mainly produced by the running of baths and showers. If you overfill the bath so much that excess water exits through the overflow tube, you’re contributing considerably to your wastewater levels. The same goes for the shower. For every second you stay in there for longer than is necessary, you’re also contributing to wastewater. Now multiply this by the number of people in your family! Imagine how much water you would save if you all cut your showering time by half!

In addition to this, the toilet is also a key player in wastewater production. Everyone has to go, and everyone has to do so multiple times a day, meaning that the toilet gets flushed several times. Imagine the extra flushes too when bits of tissue don’t go down the first time, and then multiply this by four! And this doesn’t even take into account when you have visitors or guests staying over.

Washing the dishes

When washing the dishes, you’re bound to generate wastewater – it’s hard to avoid this, but there are some things you can do to limit how much you produce. For example, always fill the sink rather than rinsing your dishes and make sure you fill the dishwasher to maximum capacity before switching it on.

What can I do to lower the amount of wastewater produced by my household?

Eco Septic is a Sydney-based manufacturer that specialises in commercial wastewater systems and domestic treatment plants. We can provide fast and free quotes relevant to your commercial or domestic wastewater needs, all while keeping in mind individual spending capabilities. Our systems can help you dramatically reduce the wastewater levels produced by your household so that you have a clean conscience knowing you’ve done your bit in the face of the wastewater crisis.

For more information on how much wastewater a household produces, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team at Eco Septic today.