How Does a Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Work?

A domestic wastewater system is the modern approach to treat all the wastewater that is used by a household. The wastewater includes all the used water coming from the toilets (wastewater); and the water coming from the kitchen sinks, washing machines, showers, dishwashers, and baths (grey water). The treatment is done in an environmentally friendly way, by using the naturally occurring bacteria that is in the wastewater. The system’s specific purpose is to hold the contaminated water in a functional compartment; where bacteria can grow or develop and treat the water, without using dangerous chemicals.



A sewage treatment plant by Ecoseptic works in three stages

The primary stage of our wastewater treatment is the primary tank, which is basically a primary filter. This is where the heavy solids, such as grit, fat, oil, and plastic toys settle to the bottom, while the lighter matter moves near the surface and enters the second chamber. The remaining pollutants is broken down by anaerobic (does not need oxygen to live) bacteria.

The second stage in our sewage treatment plant is the aeration chamber. Air is injected into the water, with the help of an aerator, causing the presence of dissolved oxygen; which aerobic (needs oxygen to live) bacteria can access. So, they rapidly multiply, turning into a biomass of organisms, cleaning the wastewater of its polluting substances.


The third stage is the clarification or the settling stage, where the top-level water moves out, as it is being pushed by the wastewater, from the entire household; entering the primary chamber. It passes through a disinfection tube and transferred out into the environment, where it can be reused to irrigate your garden or for other purposes.

Ecoseptic has the knowledge and experience in sewage treatment plants right across Australia. We are also in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing, and maintaining septic tanks. Generally, our products last many years; due to our quality workmanship. Ecoseptic has a wide range of tanks to service the Australian market. Since we have more than 30 years in the industry, we understand and can build great and reliable products.

We also offer to maintain your sewage treatment plant. It will be to your benefit, if you allow our qualified wastewater service personnel to do the maintenance. Our team of experts will tend and monitor your plant, to make certain that it is giving its exceptional performance at all times. We assure you, that the water produced by the wastewater treatment plants is returned to the environment. It is the cleanest and best quality effluent that it can produce. 

If you want further clarification regarding our sewage treatment system, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to answer your questions and hear regarding your concerns and explain to you; how you could benefit from our system. Once you have decided that you would want to have this device installed on your property, Contact us for a fast quote on 1800 808 135

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