How do Wastewater Treatment Solutions Work?

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How do Wastewater Treatment Solutions Work?

Let us try to break down this technical process into layman’s terms. Every bit of water used in your household can be recycled; it may not be the most glamorous concept but it is absolutely miraculous!

When you install an aerated wastewater treatment system, it is hooked up so that all of your household wastewater and effluent enters the septic tank through an inlet before settling into the septic zone.

Between the septic zone and the aeration treatment zone, the effluent is filtered over a mass of growth media plates. The growth media acts as a bacteria breeding ground. This crucial part of the process enables the sewerage to break down. Once the organic impurities have been absorbed by these microorganisms, the transformed water passes to the clarification zone. It has now been recycled into clean, clear, odourless water.

Before the water is released from the tank, it goes through one more level of defence; it is circulated through a chlorinator that has been designed to remove any impurities that may have been missed during the aeration process. Once through the chlorinator, all residual chlorine breaks down and the water remains safe for brilliant plant growth.

Pretty amazing, right?